Fat people are less susceptible to infection

Obesity can cause many health problems. However, the Australian Science and Technology News Network recently reported that a research team at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Aarhus in Denmark has discovered a benefit of obesity – it can increase people’s survival rate in infectious diseases.

Fat people are less susceptible to infection

The researchers took 4 years to track and analyze the medical records of 18,000 patients hospitalized in Denmark. It was found that in hospitalized patients with communicable diseases, obese patients had a 50% lower mortality rate after discharge than those with normal weight; in contrast, patients who lost weight due to disease were more than twice as likely to die after discharge. In another study, the researchers analyzed data on over 1.7 million cases of pneumonia in order to derive the correlation between body mass index and infection survival. The results showed that the risk of obese patients who died of lung infection was about 30% lower.

Researchers at the European Obesity Conference in Vienna, Austria, pointed out that obesity has two possibilities for the health benefits of infectious patients. One is that weight gain stimulates the immune system and keeps it ready for preparation; the other is that fat provides certain people with obesity. Energy reserve. In addition, critically ill patients with obesity have higher muscle mass, which may increase metabolic protection.

Experts say that obesity does have some health benefits, but we should still pay attention to weight control and reduce excess body fat.

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