5 types can the food recommendation of whitening tooth

Has a healthy transparent white tooth to increase the self-confident feeling to the human, but the tooth yellow is the common symptom, this was also many beautiful woman for this reason worried topics. Does the tooth yellow bleach? Which food in the life has to be possible the whitening tooth?

Strawberry - How to be health
Strawberry – How to be health


Wants the whitening tooth suitably might as well right amount of eats some pineapples, in the pineapple includes the certain amount pineapple proteinase, is a natural detergent, can help to remove the function of tooth bacterial spot. Meanwhile, orange and other citrus fruits class of the fruits can stimulate the sialorrhea, thus achieves the effect of clean tooth.


Many green vegetables include the magnesium mineraloid nature nutrient, is helpful to anti-on the formation of dirt except the tooth, to maintaining the tooth has the function pure white very much.


Every day an apple is not only helpful to the skin maintenance and healthy body, can help to eliminate the dental plaque, because the apple contains hydroxysuccinic acid and other nutrients, to dissolving the material of tooth coloration has certain effect.


The salmon contains the Vitamin D, is helpful to promoting the human body calcium absorption, simultaneously the salmon is the cryogenic turtle class, contains the Omega fatty acid and phosphorus, to strengthening the tooth enamel and healthy tooth has an effect.


Like the apple, the strawberry contains the natural acidic component, to removing the tooth coloration material is very helpful. After may the strawberry mashes, add the right amount of sodium bicarbonate from making the tooth bleaching agent use, may make the tooth dazzlingly brighter.

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