What are the precautions for aerobic exercise? Four Considerations for Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is a healthy sport that people are advocating today. Aerobic exercise is more moderate and can be accepted by our body. Therefore, if we want to lose weight, we can choose aerobic exercise. However, when doing aerobic exercise, we’d better learn about the relevant precautions. Then, the following “How to be Health” will introduce four major aerobic exercise points for everyone.


Moderate conditioning

When we do aerobic exercise, it is better to adjust physical fitness according to our own actual conditions, especially patients with chronic diseases, or patients with injuries in the body joints. We must pay attention to the adjustment of the exercise posture during exercise, and pay attention to protection. It’s easy to cause secondary damage, especially in sports such as skipping. Therefore, the athlete must follow his own physical condition to make appropriate adjustments.

Choose the right time for exercise

We have two periods each day that are more suitable for exercise. One is in the morning, because in the morning our body is in an empty stomach. If we go to exercise, the energy needed is usually provided by the oxidation of fat. Therefore, this time point is conducive to the consumption of excess body fat. But we must avoid strenuous exercise to prevent hypoglycemia. The second time point is 2 hours before the meal. Because exercising at 2 hours before dinner is more effective at reducing fat than exercising at other times.

Drink plenty of water

When we do aerobic exercise, we consume the body’s water. Therefore, before the exercise, we should properly add a certain amount of water according to our own situation and the environment. During exercise, such as long-distance running, drinking the right amount of water is necessary to prevent dehydration. After the exercise is completed, we will feel hunger and thirst, but at this time we must not use large amounts of drinking water. We can drink mineral water or salt water in moderation to supplement the water lost during exercise and maintain body water and Salt balance.

Health care after exercise

After we finish aerobic exercise, we must promptly replace the sweaty clothes, otherwise it is very likely to cause us to catch cold. If we are in the air-conditioned room, we need to do some stretching exercises before showering. To do aerobic exercise regularly, be sure to always pay attention to your foot condition. It is recommended to trim the toenails often. Especially on hot days, when you exercise, you will sweat a lot. It is easy to grow bacteria in your toes, so keep your feet dry.

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