What are the dietary taboos and precautions for patients with liver disease?

What needs to be paid attention to in the diet and life of patients with liver diseases? Can you eat beef and lamb? This is a question that is often consulted in daily clinics. Here, I summarize and reply in a unified way.

The first thing to note is: Liver disease is a chronic disease that requires a long period of treatment. There may also be new changes in the course of treatment (such as drug resistance, drug side effects), so regular visits to doctors, regular inspections It is very important.

All patients with liver disease should be banned alcohol; secondly, try not to use drugs that damage the liver (such as painkillers, anti-rheumatic drugs, a few antibiotics). In addition, as much as possible regular work and life, stay up late!

There are many types of liver diseases, the most common being chronic hepatitis (including hepatitis B and hepatitis C), followed by fatty liver, and then cirrhosis and liver cancer. Due to the special nature of the disease, different types of liver patients have different dietary requirements.

The most effective and quick way to protect the liver

1. In patients with chronic hepatitis, if the liver function has remained normal, no special taboos are needed in the daily diet. Even beef, mutton, dog meat, chili peppers and other “heat” foods can all be eaten properly (but not every day) eat).

2, chronic hepatitis if the liver function is not normal, the diet should be light-based, such as rice noodles, appropriate desserts, vegetables, fruits, fruit juices, and high-quality animal protein (meat), the appropriate vitamin B supplement and vitamin C; available Yiren , red bean porridge, or with yellow turmeric, capillaris and other Chinese medicine soup, can play a protective role of liver enzymes. If there is serious or serious jaundice with severe liver damage, you need to seek medical attention in time and properly control the intake of meat and soy products.

3. Fatty liver is often associated with excess nutrients and overweight, so the diet of fatty liver patients needs more attention. Diet control and conditioning, together with exercise, are the basis of fatty liver treatment. If you cannot control your diet and do not exercise, your medicine will not achieve the best results.

Fatty liver patients should try to avoid fried foods, aspects of food, chocolate, all kinds of sweet drinks, eat less sweets, do not eat supper, eat light, eat more fruits and vegetables, rice noodles and other staple foods eat every meal seven or eight full, do not casually add meals Do not eat snacks.

4, the liver cirrhosis patients diet: patients with obvious esophageal or gastric varices, should avoid eating hard, rough, fried and spicy and other irritating foods, eating too fast, too fast, too full. Keep bowel movements unobstructed and should not be too forceful to prevent bleeding from varicose veins; if there is significant liver damage or liver disease, attention should be paid to restricting or even prohibiting protein diets (such as various meats, soy products, eggs, etc.) ), Ascites should eat as little salt or salt as possible.

5. The dietary principles of patients with liver cancer and cirrhosis are similar. In addition, food stew such as Chinese wolfberry, Ganoderma lucidum, and wild fungus can be helpful to patients with liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.

The above are just some of the basic principles that need attention in the diet of different liver patients. Each person’s condition is different, so there may be some special attention may not apply to everyone, so if there is special need to understand In the local area, please consult your doctor in person.

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