10 kinds of food not suitable for eating before bedtime

Some people brush their teeth after dinner and no longer eat. Some people always want to eat something to help themselves fall asleep before going to bed. But you know, your supper may not only make you rest bad, more likely to make you unable to maintain a good figure, but also buried the hidden dangers of various chronic diseases. Think about it, do you eat them before going to bed?


1.Ice cream

A large cup of ice cream may be a good helper to reduce stress, but its soothing effect is very limited. First of all, the ice cream itself contains a lot of fat and sugar, before going to bed, your body has no time to consume these calories, and eventually it is converted into fat to stay in your body. In addition, these sugars can make your body full of energy, sending wrong messages to your body and making it difficult to fall asleep. There are also studies that show that eating high-sugar food before going to bed can cause nightmares. In order to enjoy a short meal, it may bring you a night’s sleep.

2. Celery

Is celery not a healthy vegetable rich in fiber? Yes, but it is also a natural diuretic. So if you eat too much celery before going to bed, this will make you more urine than usual. Your body will continue to awaken your sleep for pee. Therefore, celery is best not on your dinner menu.

3. Pasta

As a food before going to bed, pasta is quick and easy to cook, just like cooking sauce, hunger, and delicious. But it is by no means your ideal bedtime food. The main ingredients of pasta are carbohydrates. If they fall asleep immediately after eating, they mostly turn into fat. In addition, the oil, cheese, butter or tomato sauce in the pasta sauce will also increase the burden on your body. And most pastas have a high sugar index, which means it will raise your blood sugar level and will delay your sleep or wake you up in the middle of the night.

4. Pizza

How about pizza when the food before going to bed? After being heated in the oven, it smells good and it feels good. But before going to bed, when most other organs calm down, your stomach wants to relax just like the rest of your body. Pizza is not light food, and your stomach must be busy – tomato sauce is high in acidity and prone to irritation leading to gastric reflux; while cheese and high-fat meats can also increase stomach work. Taking a piece of pizza casually not only delays your sleep, but also your body.


5. Sweets

One of the easiest and worst ways to break deep sleep is to have a nightmare—and sugar is the maker of this nightmare. A recent study showed that people who eat sweet food before going to bed, 7 out of 10 people are more likely to have a nightmare. Perhaps the high sugar levels have caused more nightmare brainwaves. So, not only for your teeth, but for a good night’s sleep, cross the sweets from your supper menu!

6. cereal

Many deep-processed delicious cereals contain large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. This will make your blood sugar soar and make you feel sleepless. If you want to eat cereal before going to bed, you can choose the kind of whole-grain sugar-free healthy cereal. Adding it to the milk will help you sleep.

7. Garlic

Do not think that eating garlic before going to bed, do not worry about the tone will smoke to others, so you can open to eat. To know that eating too much garlic has a certain amount of burns on the stomach, if your stomach is weak or easy to turn acid, you should be careful to avoid eating it before going to bed.


8. Dark chocolate

A small piece of dark chocolate before going to bed will bring you a satisfying warm feeling, but will not get fat? Unfortunately, if you want a perfect sleep, dark chocolate is a food you better avoid. Almost all chocolates contain a certain level of caffeine. In addition, it contains doxanthine and other stimulants, which can make your heart beat faster and become more excited and difficult to fall asleep.

9. Alcohol

Many people think that drinking and drinking micro-cockroaches is a way to help sleep, so there is a habit of drinking small wine before going to bed. Alcohol does help you fall asleep quickly, but it also has a detrimental effect on sleep. It interferes with the recovery of sleep, often preventing you from entering deep sleep, staying in a state of shallow sleep and waking up overnight. In addition, people who often use alcohol hypnosis will indulge in this and create a vicious cycle. This is why the next morning after drinking it feels tired and dizzy. Therefore, abstinence is the right choice for a good night’s sleep.

10. Red meat

If you come to bed with a steak or have some beef jerky before going to bed, don’t worry about waking up from hunger. Can you get a satisfying stomach? The problem is that red meat is full of protein and fat. It takes longer to digest than all other foods and will keep your body working all night. Of course, you don’t have to completely refuse red meat. It also contains high levels of iron and tryptophan that are good for sleep. You just have to adjust the meal time to dinner.

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