What harm does taking contraceptive pill have for a long time?

How to choose the right contraceptive method has always been a problem for consumers who want to use contraception, many women choose to take contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. Take contraceptive pill for a long time, can you harm? Take birth control pill to want what problem to notice?


The dangers of taking contraceptives for a long time.

1. Affect the development of ovary and uterus. Female endocrine, reproductive organs are not yet mature, taking contraceptives will have a negative impact on the ovary, uterus, fundamentally leading to ovarian diseases. The pill itself can also interfere with the ovaries, long-term use of contraceptives, but also likely to induce ovarian cysts.

2. Female amenorrhea. Long-term use of contraceptives, will inhibit the function of endometrium, if endometrium can not reach the normal thickness, will lead to endometrial gland development is not sound, easy to cause amenorrhea.

3. Early pregnancy reaction. A small number of people at the beginning of the treatment will have mild reactions similar to early pregnancy, such as nausea, dizziness, weakness, loss of appetite, fatigue, vomiting and so on.

4.Leucorrhea increased. Contraceptives contain a large amount of estrogen, too much estrogen will interfere with the secretion of cervical endometrial cells, so that its secretion exuberant and cause leucorrhea increased.

5. Irregular uterine bleeding. A lot of women are in take medicine period, still can produce persistent drip haemorrhage, or be like the breakthrough haemorrhage of menstrual quantity.

6. Long spots on the face. People who take birth control pills for a long time have obvious pigmentation on their faces. Those who took the pill longer, especially more than five or six years of women, the face symptoms will be more obvious.

Precautions for women taking birth control pills.

1. During the use of contraceptives, if there is vaginal bleeding and menstruation does not occur for 3 consecutive months, the patient should go to the hospital to check and find out the cause in a timely manner.

2. Women who take contraceptives for a long time should go to the hospital regularly for health check-up.

3. If you take the long-acting contraceptive pill, you can’t stop using it suddenly. After you stop using the pill, you should take the short-acting contraceptive pill for 2-3 menstrual cycles as a transition to prevent irregular vaginal bleeding.

4. Women who take birth control pills, if they want to get pregnant, should stop taking the pill for half a year before they start to conceive. In the half a year after stopping the pill, it is best to use condoms for contraception.

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