Why are you hotter than others? There may be more meat

Drink a cold drink when sweating, cool and delicious; eat fruit as a meal, weight loss is still healthy; the weather is getting hotter, many people started such a summer diet. However, are these really what the body likes? 


Truth number one: hot tea relieves summer heat more than cold drinks. 

Cold drinks can not only give people cold experiences, but also irritate their stomach and throat. Excessive consumption can also lead to stomachache, diarrhea or other discomfort. 

In fact, against the heat, might as well make a cup of hot tea, not only can promote pores open, promote the secretion of sweat, but also diuretic, help to cool down, our country has an ancient “hot tea is the most solution to summer heat.” 

Research by British scientists has shown that hot tea has a much lower cooling capacity than cold drinks and is one of the best summer drinks. 

It is necessary to remind that the temperature of tea should not be too hot, control below 65 ℃ is appropriate, otherwise may bring the risk of cancer. 

Truth number two: eating too much meat makes you feel hotter. 

Different ingredients, after eating, the effect of heat production is also different. 

Proteins contain 30 per cent of their energy into calories that emanate from the body’s surface, while carbohydrates contain only 5 per cent of their energy and 4 per cent of their fat. 

Meat: 15% protein 20% eggs 13%; 

Vegetables: cabbage protein content is 1.5%, tomato is 0.9%, wax gourd is 0.4%. 

If you eat too much protein in your diet and eat too much fish and eggs, you will feel even hotter and sicker in the summer. Vegetables and fruits with very low protein levels are more conducive to feeling refreshed. 

Truth # 3: eating spicy food will help dissipate heat in the summer. 

Many people refuse to eat spicy food in the summer, believing that it can lead to irritation. 

In fact, eating a little spicy food in midsummer can also help dissipate heat, because spicy food can cause blood vessels to dilate in various parts of the body, thus allowing the body to dissipate heat. 

For humid areas, summer eating spicy can also give the body “dehumidification”, eating spicy food helps balance cold and heat, good for health. 

Remind everybody, summer people often eat watermelon, cucumber, balsam pear, wax gourd, loofah, eggplant, radish wait for fruit and vegetable, belong to cold cool sex food, eat much easily injure spleen stomach, light stomachache is stomachache. 

Truth # 4: drinking water can’t be done just by boiling water. 

Summer sweating loss is not only water, but also minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and so on, so hot days can not rely solely on fresh water. 

Self-made mung bean soup, lemonade and other not only cooling heat, but also to supplement vitamins and other nutrients. 

Cucumber, watermelon, tomato and other fruits and vegetables are not only high in water content, but also rich in various antioxidants, minerals and B vitamins, to enhance human immunity, prevent aging and resist diseases are greatly beneficial. 

Truth # 5: fire can’t be reduced by suffering alone. 

The alkaloids contained in bitter foods have the function of clearing heat and relaxing blood vessels. Many people feel that as long as they are on fire, they can eat bitter foods such as bitter gourd and wild herbs, and drink bitter foods such as bitter tea. 

In fact, these bitter food more suitable for purging liver gallbladder, gastrointestinal fire, if there are sore throat, bad breath, red eyes and other symptoms, can be appropriate to eat “bitter,” and for tongue sores and other heart-fire symptoms are not applicable. 

In addition, eat “bitter” to moderate, excessive consumption of bitter overweight food, may damage the spleen and stomach, causing nausea, vomiting and other side effects. In addition, the spleen and stomach deficiency cold, young children, pregnant women should be careful to eat bitter food.

Truth six: loss of appetite can be adjusted by diet.

In the summer, many people’s appetite is “deprived” of the heat, and some people choose not to eat at all, but lead to daily low spirits, physical fatigue.

In fact, you should eat something when you lose your appetite. Some foods can help stimulate your appetite.

Actinidia, lemon, tomato and other sour fruits and vegetables is a good choice;

A lot of seasoning also can play the effect that stimulates appetite, wait like vinegar, onion, ginger, garlic, make a person appetite big open;

Soft, high moisture content of food is relatively easy to digest, such as pasta, porridge, appetite is not good, you can choose this kind of food.

Truth # 7: herbal tea is not for everyone.

Scorching heat, herbal tea by a lot of people sought after, but as a medicine and food homology of a drink, herbal tea has a large number of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, so drink to see the constitution.

A person who is hot and angry.

More performance for mouth sores, mouth corner fester, insomnia more dreams, dry mouth thirst and so on, should drink Qingre Jie table tea, on behalf of medicinal materials are honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, mountain branches, Scutellaria baicalensis, and so on;

One who coughs less phlegm and dries up the mouth and throat.

Should drink Qingre Runzao tea, on behalf of the herbal medicine has the sand ginseng, the jade bamboo, the long pear leaf, the winter wheat, the snow fungus and so on;

A heavy, effusive person.

More performance for bitter mouth dry mouth viscosity and so on should drink heat-clearing dampness tea on behalf of medicinal materials such as honeysuckle chrysanthemum Smilax and so on;

Other groups.

Cold constitution crowd, the elderly, infants, menstrual period and puerperium women are not suitable to drink herbal tea.

Truth # 8: fruit can’t be eaten.

Many people think fruit is fat-free, low-energy, used for dinner in summer, but also can lose weight, but in fact fruit is not a low-energy food, because the taste is sweet and easy to eat too much, which is easy to convert sugar into fat and accumulation.

In addition, the human body essential other nutrients, such as protein, fat and calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements, in fruit content is very small.

Long-term use of fruit as a meal will lead to inadequate intake of protein and iron, resulting in anemia, reduced immune function and other phenomena.

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