Uncovering the Nine mistakes in Women’s Health Care

Nowadays, many women are paying attention to how to keep fit and some common sense about it. Of course, there is nothing wrong with paying attention to health care, but no matter how much attention is paid to health care, you can do so. Also must use the right method, the method correct only then is the true health.


Myth # 1: brush your teeth immediately after meals.

Wrong! Brushing your teeth immediately after meals is harmful to your health, according to a new study by stomatologists. There is a layer of enamel on the surface of the crown, which softens the enamel after eating, especially after eating acidic food. Brushing your teeth at this time can easily cause damage to enamel. As time goes on, the enamel of the teeth gradually diminishes, making it easy for people to suffer from essential hypersensitivity of the teeth. When eating, the teeth will develop sour and painful symptoms. Therefore, stomatologists remind that it is best to rinse your mouth with water after eating, and then brush your teeth after 1-2 hours.

Myth # 2: washing your intestines and cutting off your Food.

A lot of people insist to wash intestines hairdressing apparently, the purpose is to let oneself body does not have bedstool, do not accumulate toxin, avoided the embarrassment of social occasion, the skin also can become transparent and lustrous, than pure cosmetic effect is good for external use. Not used to this method, you can choose the method of fasting detoxification, that is, one day in the week do not eat food, eat fruit or drink honey water, can also play a role in eliminating toxins in the body.

Wrong! Traditional Chinese medicine also talks about detoxification. In addition to the three ways of defecating, and sweating, ancient people even had the idea of bleeding and detoxifying in the spring and autumn. However, washing the intestines can make the intestines thicken, and repeated stimulation for a long time can also paralyze the intestines. Eventually lead to some man-made diseases. The method of fasting and detoxification also varies from person to person. Some people’s spleen and stomach cold, eat fruit and other cool things in the stomach will occur flatulence. If you are overworked and don’t eat when it’s time to eat, your body will suffer from fatigue, vertigo, and hypoglycemia, which can have an impact on your health.

Myth # 3: body shaping underwear, easy to have a good body.

Listen to the TV shopping section, the body-shaping underwear shopping guide Miss how to say? The fat in the body is movable. If you look at Japan, where body-shaping underwear was first popularized, the first fans are now 60 years old, and their figure remains the same as they were when they were dressed more than 30 years ago. Who do you think can resist the temptation?

Wrong! Body-building underwear tight stretch “tie” in the body, not only affect the normal blood circulation and sweat excretion, but also lead to vulva damp, bacterial reproduction. Especially girls wear tight clothes for a long time, will not only affect the development, but also induce hyperplasia of mammary glands or cysts and other diseases. Therefore, health care experts remind: women’s abdomen has many important organs, such as the uterus, ovaries, and so on, a long time to wear a bundle of body clothes will make muscle tension, physiological function is affected. The waist girdle may also affect the blood circulation of the lower extremities. If you have eight hours a day “body”, in a state of abdominal hypoxia, it will cause damage to the body.

Myth # 4: pay attention to diet and exercise is equal to weight loss.

If you think doing both of these things is enough to make sure you lose weight, that’s a big mistake. You may have overlooked another major factor: sleep problems caused by weight loss. Foreign experts point out that Americans are also the ones who are overweight and obese. Perhaps we should consider the possibility between obesity and sleep that sleep deprivation can lead to a loss of appetite. Everyone has the normal amount of sleep they need, and getting less than that can cause hormonal disorders in their bodies even if the difference is just an hour.

An analysis of the blood of these sleep-deprived people found that their blood levels of leptin, which controls appetite, were reduced. When we eat a certain amount of food, leptin “tells” that we are full. At the same time, the level of plasma ghrelin in the blood increased. The effect of plasma ghrelin is that it sends out a hunger message when our body doesn’t have enough calories, prompting us to start eating.

Myth # 5: 8 glasses of water a day to keep healthy.

Everyone needs different water. Drinking too much is not only bad for your health, but also a burden on your kidneys. In addition to excreting water through perspiration or breathing, the body still needs to metabolize it through the kidneys. If you drink too much water, the displacement of the kidneys will increase, which will increase the burden on the kidneys and easily lead to kidney failure. On the contrary, it will easily affect the health of the kidneys. What’s more, electrolytes in the body can be diluted by too much water, creating a danger of electrolyte imbalance.

Many people only pay attention to the amount of water they drink, but ignore the fact that there is also water in their daily diet. For example, food, fruit and drink are all watered in every meal, and three meals account for at least 500 milliliters; therefore, the amount of water consumed in each meal is at least 500 milliliters. Drink less than 1600 to 1950 milliliters of water a day, or you will drink too much, and people with kidney disease or heart disease may even need to limit their water to avoid life-threatening conditions.

Myth # 6: it’s healthier to sleep naked.

Experts believe that naked sleep is just comfortable, and has nothing to do with health. Wearing clothes to sleep may affect sweating and heat dissipation, but human dandruff is peeling off all day, and dandruff is a source of nutrients for dust mites and molds, and there must be some microbes on the sheets and sheets, lying naked on the bed. These microbes are more susceptible to contact with the skin, and sleeping naked may increase the risk of infection.

Myth # 7: early to bed and early to rise.

With age, melatonin, which is associated with sleep, is secreted earlier. Therefore, the elderly tend to go to bed early and get up early, which is more in line with the natural physiological clock. Young people only need to work and rest according to their own physiological clock; but it is best not to exceed 11:00 at night, because it is the time for the body to secrete growth hormone from 11:00 to 1 a.m. at this time, if you do not sleep, the young people who are developing will not grow up high. Adults tend to get older.

Myth 8: drink Chinese medicine while it is hot.

General Chinese medicine soup should be “warm clothing”, that is, decoction immediately after filtering out, at room temperature to 30 ℃-37 ℃ before drinking; pills, bulk Chinese medicine should be warm boiled water delivery service, this is a warm clothing. The Chinese medicine that sends cold wind, should “heat takes”, and can eat a few hot porridge, hot water after taking, in order to help medicaments. And detoxification, antipyretic medicine, especially the summer solution of Chinese medicine, then “cold clothing” effect is better. In southern China, summer often take some “herbal tea”, in fact, belongs to a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. As the name implies, a lot of herbal tea is cool drink, cool solution to the summer effect is better.

Myth # 9: if you don’t exercise, muscles will turn into fat.

For those who spend three to four days a week exercising, will their muscles turn to fat if they stop exercising? “this is not going to happen,” said Donna Richardson Uhl, a health guru. Muscle is muscle, fat is fat. The two do not translate into each other. “muscle is a denser substance, while fat is more dense. When you stop exercising, your muscles get a little loose, but they don’t turn into fat.

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