Does dental disease cause impotence?

Dental disease and male erectile dysfunction (EDD) seem to be quite different from male erectile dysfunction. A new study in Turkey has found that men with severe dental problems have a doubling risk of erectile dysfunction.


Researchers at the University of Inonu in Turkey compared a group of men with erectile dysfunction with a group of men with normal sexual function. The results showed that 53% of the men with erectile dysfunction had severe dental disease, while only 23% of the healthy men in the control group had severe dental disease.

When dental disease occurs, bacteria enter the bloodstream through bleeding spots in the gums, damaging blood vessels and arteries, causing them to harden and narrow, the researchers said. This in turn affects the normal blood supply of all organs, including the male penis, and impairs erectile function in men.

In response, Dr Nigel Carter, director of the British Dental Health Foundation, said that oral health is closely linked to sex and that men should pay special attention to oral health and dental symptoms. Such as gingival bleeding, bad breath, loose teeth, gingival redness or atrophy, as well as scaling, dental stones, and so on, once there are problems in time to seek medical treatment, so as not to affect the lives of husband and wife.

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