Dental treatment in France will be “fully reimbursed” from 2020

Two French dental associations have signed a new agreement with the sickness Insurance Agency to reimburse 100 percent of the cost of basic dental care in France by 2020 from the disease vault, the European Times reported on June 3.


The two dental associations signed new agreements on May 31st and June 1st, respectively, by the sickness Insurance Board, which would require patients to pay “zero out-of-pocket fees” when they go to see a dentist. The measure, which comes from Mr Macron’s campaign promise, is aimed at getting the French to see dentists, 55 per cent of whom have given up dental treatment because dental fees are too high.

The new agreement begins with improvements in patient dental prophylaxis to avoid dentures. Second, a regulatory framework for denture prices has been set up to reduce or even eliminate 40 per cent of the costs that patients themselves have to bear.

To this end, the disease insurance bureau and supplementary insurance institutions will spend 800 million euros (about 6 billion yuan) over five years to pay dentists for basic treatments such as removing dental stones and treating dental caries. In return, dentists have agreed to cap the cost of 70 percent of 11 million fillings per year.

The Dental Association accepted the principles of the three “treatment packages” proposed by Nikolai Revell, Director-General of the Department of Disease Insurance. The first is “zero at the patient’s own expense”, which includes all basic treatment and quality dental surgery that meets the “standard”, with a price ceiling of 500 euros.

The second includes premium quality braces, bridges and removable dentures, with a price cap of 550 euros.

The price of the third package is set by the dentist, which includes 30 per cent of premium quality dentures and implants that are not reimbursed by sickness insurance institutions.

The new agreement also foresees “free” oral and dental examinations for people aged 3 to 24 (currently 6 to 18 years), as well as free fluorinated coatings for children between 6 and 9 years of age to prevent dental caries. For diabetics, avoid the removal of dental pulp nerve and blood vessel treatment and periodontal disease treatment are free of charge. Reimbursement for dental treatment of persons with mental disabilities will also be increased.

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