Can pregnant women eat okra?

Can pregnant women eat okra? 

Pregnant women are in pregnancy to pay more attention to balanced nutrition, some things to avoid mouth, but pregnant women can eat okra. Okra edible part of the fruit pod, but also divided into green and red, its crisp juicy, smooth not greasy, unique aroma. Okra is rich in vitamins, pay attention to pregnant women need a reasonable diet rich in nutrition, not picky food on it. 


In addition, pregnant women can eat okra, eat less without adverse effects, pay attention to a good diet in peacetime scientific collocation, nutrition can be balanced. Avoid raw cold and irritant food, but also regular review, this is more conducive to a good fetus. 

Although pregnant women can eat okra, but there are many noteworthy places. Because of gumbo sex cold, spleen and stomach deficiency cold, easy diarrhea or defecation of pregnant women, it is best not to eat more. Pregnant women with poor bowel function are more likely to suffer from diarrhea if they overeat. Gumbo is extremely vulnerable to abrasions, bruises will soon become black, selection or storage, should be a single take and put, do not squeeze. You’d better pack it in a fresh bag before you put it in the fridge.

Benefits of gumbo for pregnant women

Gumbo is a very nutritious vegetable, pregnant women pay attention to a scientific diet, eat some okra in moderation is beneficial. Gumbo tender fruit contains a viscous liquid and arabinoglycan, galactan, rhamnose, protein and so on, pregnant women often eat to help digestion, enhance physical strength, protect the liver, stomach and intestines. Okra is also rich in calcium. But its oxalic acid content is low, therefore the calcium absorption utilization ratio is higher, is better than the milk, to the pregnant woman and the developing child, is the very good calcium source. Gumbo contains iron, calcium and sugar and other nutrients, has the effect of preventing anemia. It contains vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is beneficial to retinal health and visual acuity. Pectin, polysaccharide and SOD in gumbo can protect skin, increase skin elasticity, delay aging and remove brown spots. Also contain rich vitamin C and soluble fiber, not only to the skin health care, and can make the skin whitening, delicate.

But pregnant women must be in accordance with their actual physical conditions appropriate consumption of okra, avoid eating too much to cause physical discomfort. There are many benefits to pregnant women from eating okra scientifically.

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