Calcium supplements always have little effect? This may be due to vitamin K2 deficiency.

In this era of “universal calcium supplements”, many people take calcium preparations every day, but some people have little effect, leg pain, cramps and other symptoms of calcium deficiency has not been alleviated. The reason may be the decrease of active osteocalcin caused by deficiency of vitamin K2 in vivo. So, what is vitamin K2? What does it do?


Vitamin K2 is a unique vitamin, which is synthesized by some bacteria in intestinal microorganisms. It can directly penetrate the blood vessel wall into bone and tissue, and play a variety of roles in the body.

There are more or less carbon atoms in the side chain of vitamin K _ 2 chemical structure. According to the number of carbon atoms, vitamin K _ 2 can be divided into MK-4, MK-7 and so on. MK-4 was transformed into MK-7 mainly in arterial wall, pancreas and testis, while MK-7 was mainly transformed into MK-7 by E. coli in colon.

Vitamin K2 is of great benefit to human bone health. A number of clinical studies have confirmed that vitamin K2 supplementation can effectively maintain bone mineral density of women of childbearing age, prevent fracture, can significantly reduce the decline of bone mineral density caused by age. MK-7 is very beneficial to the elderly with osteoporosis. Supplementation of MK-7 can increase bone mineral density and reduce fracture risk by 87%.

Not only that, vitamin K2 also has a very large role in promoting calcium absorption, the lack of vitamin K2 is likely to cause calcium absorption is not good, calcium supplement has little effect. On the one hand, if sufficient vitamin K2 in vivo, can activate osteocalcin, activated osteocalcin has a unique affinity for calcium ions, can lead to calcium into the bone, calcium salt deposition, thereby promoting bone mineralization. It is worth mentioning that vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 cooperation can effectively promote calcium absorption and calcium osteogenesis is a dual guarantee of calcium supplementation. On the other hand, vitamin K2 can also inhibit osteoclast activity, promote osteoclast apoptosis, play a role in reducing bone loss.

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