Survey found that many women regret freezing eggs

A survey in the United States has found that there are many women who regret freezing their eggs. Investigators called for a comprehensive consideration of the impact of the technology on women.


Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, who surveyed thousands of women who froze eggs at the school’s medical facility between 2012 and 2016, found that 49 per cent regretted the decision, with most of them slightly regretting 16 per cent having moderate or severe repentance.

The women were surveyed for an average of two years after freezing their eggs. They all freeze their eggs to prevent them from getting older and having fewer pregnancies, rather than freezing them before receiving some kind of treatment, such as chemotherapy after diagnosis of cancer.

Lead researcher Alanie Greenwood said: “while most women respond positively to the increased choice of conception after freezing their eggs, we are surprised to find that it is not that simple for women.” Some have made it clear that they regret it. ”

“while this study does not reveal all the reasons behind regret, it is an important finding and we will have a better understanding of how women think about freezing eggs in subsequent studies. For many women, freezing eggs is obviously more complicated than buying insurance. ”

The survey found that women who felt they did not have the information to freeze their eggs and did not have enough emotional support were more likely to regret doing so.

The researchers hope to help women achieve their reproductive goals by learning more about how women think about egg freezing.

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