8 bad habits that cause pelvic inflammation in women

Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to a group of infectious diseases of the female upper genital tract, mainly including endometritis, fallopian tube and ovarian abscess, pelvic peritonitis. Inflammation can be limited to a site, can also be involved in several parts at the same time, salpingitis, oviduct ovaritis is the most common.

Pelvic inflammatory disease mostly occurs in sexually active period, menstrual women, menarche, non-sexual life and postmenopausal women rarely occur pelvic inflammatory disease, timely occurrence is often the spread of inflammation in adjacent organs. If pelvic inflammatory disease can not be treated promptly and thoroughly, it can lead to infertility, tubal pregnancy, chronic pelvic pain, recurrent inflammatory attacks, which seriously affect women’s reproductive health, and increase the family and socio-economic burden.


1. Not paying attention to cleanness and hygiene during menstruation.

In the menstrual period, after the endometriosis causes the blood sinus to expand, has created the good environment for the bacterium breeding, if this time does not pay attention to the personal vagina hygiene, uses the unclean sanitary napkin, the menstrual life and so on, It is easy for pathogens to invade the reproductive tract and cause pelvic inflammation through upward spread.

Usually the time should also do a good job cleaning vagina hygiene, frequent change of underwear, to maintain the privacy of the clean, dry.

Some women think that to keep the vagina clean is to wash more vaginas. In fact, this will destroy the balance of the original vaginal flora, more likely to lead to pelvic inflammation. In the clinical see a lot of chronic pelvic inflammatory patients such as hydrosalpinx, many have this bad habit. So, ladies and sisters, if it is not because of vaginitis and other reasons the doctor advised vaginal irrigation, do not wash your own vagina.

2. Excessive sex life and lack of attention to cleanliness.

Sexual incompetence is also an important cause of pelvic inflammation. If sex is too frequent, neglect local cleaning before sexual intercourse, after repeated sexual affairs, also did not urinate or clean in time, even in menstrual sex, these bad habits can lead to bacteria brought into the vagina from the outside to destroy the balance of normal vaginal flora, Causing bacteria rapid growth and reproduction, resulting in upward infection of the bacteria to the pelvic cavity and cause pelvic inflammation.

3. Low resistance.

In the female vagina itself there will be pathogenic bacteria, when you are strong, these bacteria will not come out of trouble, once resistance is reduced, pathogenic bacteria will take advantage of the opportunity to cause pelvic inflammation.

Therefore, ladies and sisters, peacetime should pay attention to strengthen the physique, improve their resistance. The most important thing to strengthen the constitution is to live, rest, eat and drink, exercise properly, and maintain a good attitude.

4. Recurrent abortion.

Recurrent abortion is also the cause of pelvic inflammation in many young women. Now the flow of people for the painless flow of people to alleviate the pain, but led to some women mistakenly think that the flow of people is not a big deal, in sexual life do not pay attention to contraceptive measures, it is easy to “hit.” Very some women disrelish the regular hospital too many people, check trouble, choose in some irregular clinics for irregular, unsanitary, unsafe abortion surgery, leading to genital inflammation and other adverse consequences.

Therefore, first of all, when you don’t want to give birth, you should take good contraception. Secondly, if you have reproductive tract surgery, including abortion, upper ring, ring removal, cervix surgery, etc., you’d better go to a regular hospital. Regular hospitals are strict in disinfection and have a strong sense of asepsis. It is not easy to cause pelvic inflammation because of infection.

5. Love to wear tight pants.

Often wear tight underwear or tight jeans of women, will also become the object of preference for pelvic inflammation, so in the choice of underwear is, it is best to choose breathable cotton underwear, not too small too tight.

Finally, once diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, we must go to the regular hospital to seek professional doctors for timely, standardized, thorough treatment.

6. Sit still for a long time.

Sitting still can also lead to pelvic inflammation. Many office women often sit in the office to process documents and sit for long periods of time because of lack of activity, obstructed pelvic veins, and excessive congestion, which can lead to pelvic inflammation. As a result, pelvic inflammatory disease has become a lot of office sedentary women gynecological common diseases.

Female friends who often sit in the office are advised to get up and walk around after sitting for a long time, and take part in some sports activities after work, such as yoga, etc.

7. Inattention to diet.

Diet should be noted, eat less spicy raw and cold food and do a good job of keeping warm abdomen. Often like to eat some ice food, will let female pelvic congestion and induce pelvic inflammation, especially during menstruation, should avoid cold food mouth.

Similarly, when staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time, we should also pay attention to doing a good job of keeping the abdomen warm and avoiding the cooling of the waist and abdomen.

8. Bad habits

If menstrual period bath, namely common inducement. Because the menstrual period resistance decreases, the lower body soaks in the water, the pathogenic bacteria in the water may go up through the vagina to enter the internal genitalia.

The same period swimming, more likely to make bacteria in the water into the vagina, and then into the uterus, fallopian tubes cause inflammation.

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