Is it our first choice to eat nutritious health products when there is a lack of nutrition?

With the gradual awakening of modern health awareness, eating nutritious health products has become very common.

People who know a little about health or fitness, carry bags or home with all kinds of nutritional supplements, large to bird’s nest expensive tonic, small to VC effervescent tablets, it seems that everyone will deal with these nutritional supplements.

Not to mention the phenomenon of eating around, having a sense of health is a great thing, but small and beautiful found that many of these surface “pay attention to health, eat all kinds of nutrients” people, but do not eat a good meal in life!

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Is it our first choice to eat nutritious health products when there is a lack of nutrition?

Why? “these friends” will often silently imply to himself: do not have time to eat, anyway, I will eat nutrients, the body needs nutrition can still be satisfied!

Moreover, it is also because of eating nutrients, resulting in “these friends” do not eat to lose weight, do not exercise can also feel at ease. Stay up the latest night will also give themselves “chicken blood”: never mind, I can use the most expensive mask and eat a few nutrients will be able to make up.

Can you really make it up to me? And do these nutrients really meet your body’s needs? If not, is it really our first choice to rely too much on nutritional supplements when the body is undernourished?

A high quality vitamin C on the market is 500 to 1000 mg, and the body normally needs about 100 mg of vitamin C per day, so some people think that we can only take a VC nutrition tablets to meet the needs of the body. There is no need to deliberately eat more fruits and vegetables, and vegetables and fruits do not contain as much nutrients as nutritional supplements.

Is that really the case? To dispel the confusion, let’s take apples and vitamin C as examples.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away from me. I don’t think anyone will doubt the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. But the fact that every 100g of apple contains only 4mg vitamin C is pitifully low.

So does this mean that taking a slice of vitamin C from 100mg or even 1000mg is healthier than eating apples? A study at Cornell University gave us a blow in the head.

This study compared the antioxidant activities of fresh apples and vitamin C supplements, broke the tradition of nutrition research on the role of a single nutrient, and opened a new direction to study the nutritional value of complete foods.

The study found that the antioxidant activity of 100 grams of fresh apples (about half an apple) was equivalent to that of vitamin C supplements of 1500 mg.


The experiment also showed that the whole apple extract can inhibit the proliferation of colon cells and liver cancer cells, and the higher the dose of extract, the stronger the inhibition of proliferation. .

Why? It’s complicated, we can only guess because apples contain not only vitamin C, but also natural phytonutrients such as quercetin, polyphenols and flavonoids. Apple’s contribution to health is the result of the synergy of a variety of natural nutrients, not the efficacy of a single nutrient!

According to this authoritative experiment, over-reliance on nutrients is an unwise choice. It is certainly a good thing for modern people to supplement high quality nutritional supplements in their lives, which can promote the recovery of chronic diseases and maintain a healthy physique, but we still cannot ignore the main value of three meals a day. Always three meals a day as the main, nutritional and health products as a supplement.

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