Will you live long? You can tell by your body and face!

The “longevity gene” sounds mysterious and elusive. In fact, the appearance of people hidden a lot of longevity password, from the facial features to the body lines, everywhere reveals your state of health and aging. “Life Times” synthesized a series of studies abroad, and interviewed Yang Li, a famous health care expert and professor of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine, to uncover the secret of longevity hidden in facial posture.


With a young face.

Danish scientists have found that people who look younger than they actually are may live longer. Carl Christensen, a professor at the University of South Denmark, led a team of 1826 twins over the age of 70 and followed them for seven years. Among the 675 people who died, the team found that the younger the twins, the more likely they were to die first, taking into account factors such as their actual age, sex and upbringing. Christensen says to know the length of a person’s life expectancy, you can look at his face. Because people who have a difficult life are more likely to die early, and the degree of hardship in life is written on their faces.

Men are handsome

A good-looking man is more attractive to a woman, which may also mean he is in good health. Research by Markus Lantara, a scientist at the University of Turku in Finland, has found that good-looking men are more immune and less likely to catch colds. Having good looks and perfect body shape is a sign that men have more antibodies and that they have higher testosterone levels, all of which help boost their immunity. However, the researchers said that women’s beauty does not mean strong immunity, but is closely related to fertility. This is because beautiful woman body fat is moderate, blood cortisol concentration is low, fertility is stronger.

He’s got a lot of moles on him.

A lot of people fret about moles. A study led by dermatologist Veronica Bataye at King’s College London found that people with more moles are less likely than their peers to develop heart disease osteoporosis and other diseases. Telomere on chromosome ends can predict a person’s life span to some extent. The study found that people with more than 100 moles have longer telomeres than people with fewer than 25 moles. This means that he may be able to live an extra 67 years.

However, long Jianhong, director of the Department of plastic surgery and Beauty at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, reminds that most people have dozens of nevus all over their body. Once they have obvious enlargement, uneven pigmentation, depilation, itching, bleeding, and so on in a short period of time, great attention should be paid to them. The nevus which grows in the plantar chest neckline trouser waist and so on is easy to lead to malignant change because it is always rubbed. It is suggested that preventive resection should be carried out if there are conditions.

Thin waist.

Researchers from Harvard University and Boston Hospital found that women with a waist circumference of more than 89 centimeters were 79 percent more likely to die prematurely than women with a waist circumference of about 71 centimeters, according to a study of disease records and waist circumference of 44636 women. The risk of premature death was 79 percent higher than that of women with a waist circumference of less than 71 centimeters. Excessive accumulation of fat at the waist could increase the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease, the researchers said. Even if women with an 89cm waistline weighed normally, they were twice as likely to die of cardiovascular disease as those with a 71cm waistline. The World Cancer Research Fund has reported an eight-fold increase in the risk of cancer for every inch of waist circumference. The standard waist circumference of different race is different, expert suggests, Chinese female waist circumference should be controlled below 80 centimeters, male waist circumference should be less than 85 centimeters.

There are few wrinkles on the inner side of the big arm.

In an article published in the Journal of Gerontology in November 2013, scientists at Fenland Leiden University Medical Center studied 260 women. In addition to analyzing facial features, they also looked at wrinkles on the inner side of their arms. This is because the inner side of the arm is less exposed to the outside, which can largely eliminate the aging caused by the sun. The study found that women with fewer wrinkles on the inner side of their arms had lower blood pressure and a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, so they were likely to live longer than women with more wrinkles. In order to rule out cosmetic surgery, makeup and other factors, scientists also conducted a study of men and women in some long-lived families, also confirmed this conclusion.

The ears are large and thick, and the eyebrows are long and thick.

Yang Li told the Life Times reporter that the kidney is the root of the five internal organs, it is the bone, the main hair. The most prominent manifestation of the kidney in the body is the ear. If a person’s ears are ruddy and thick, their doors are large, their hair is thick and dark, and their eyebrows are dark and long, it means to a certain extent that they are full of kidney gas and are healthier.

Finally, the relationship between appearance and longevity, in addition to shape, is also closely related to the sensitivity of various organs, such as nose smell, mouth taste, ear hearing, eye demeanor, and so on. These sensitivities are also a good or bad reflection of a person’s fine qi and spirit, which is sure to make him healthier and longer. She repeatedly stressed that the relationship between appearance and longevity is not absolute. People who have the characteristics of longevity can only say that congenital development is relatively dominant. Whether a person’s habits and habits are healthy or not, and whether or not they are in place to maintain the body, are often more important than congenital development.

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