Six parts of a man’s body are fragile.

Even a tough man, in fact, also has his “soft rib”. To be healthy, men need to take care of the following six things.


I. stomach.

Many men like to smoke and drink, but also like to gorge on the table or overeat, therefore, the incidence of men’s stomach disease is 6.2 times higher than women on average.

II. Skin.

A significant number of men do not pay attention to sun protection, let alone skin cancer screening. As a result, men are twice as likely to die of melanoma as women.

III. The heart.

Men tend to be more stressed at work and more stressed than women, so they are 710 times more likely to be admitted to hospital with myocardial infarction than women. To prevent heart disease, in addition to quitting smoking and abstinence from drinking, but also to maintain normal weight and learn to reduce pressure.

IV. Prostate.

The survey showed that 60% of men over the age of 50 suffer from prostate diseases. Prevent this disease, want to avoid long-term oppress prostate, 2 want abstinence sex, 3 want to eat acrid food less.

V. liver.

Men generally socialize more frequently and are more likely to be infected with hepatitis virus.

In addition, most of them drink alcohol, and the liver can only break down, transform up to 60,80 grams of alcohol a day, more than this amount will cause damage to the liver.

VI. Rectum.

Men eat more fat and protein than women, and eating too much fat and protein is an important cause of rectal cancer. Accordingly, in order to prevent the disease that suffers from rectum respect, the vegetable that wants on the dinner table often has rich cellulose, fruit.

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