Overuse your eyes. You need to take these vitamins.

With the popularity of television, computers, mobile phones and other electronic products, the decline in eye vision is also gradually accelerated, the use of these need frequent eye electronic products, the damage to the eye is enormous. The eyes are the windows of the mind, the most important organ we observe in the world, so we must protect them well.What vitamins does the eye fatigue eat? Let’s take a look below.


1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important nutrient that makes up the retina’s photosensitive substance, which is prone to night blindness if vitamin A deficiency is lacking. Long time to see the electronic screen, will consume a lot of vitamin A. So it’s very important to protect your eyes by supplementing foods that are rich in vitamin A. Common food rich in vitamin A: animal liver, carrots, spinach, a large number of yellow fruit.

2, B vitamins

B vitamins have the role of protecting the cornea, when the lack of B vitamins will occur when the eyes of neuropathy, so that you feel blurred vision, wind tears, fear of light and even eye inflammation and so on.

Common foods rich in B vitamins: whole grains (coarse grains, coarse grains), lots of leafy greens, and liver of animals.

3, Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the basis of life, the lack of vitamin C in the eye will weaken the resistance to external stimulation, especially when encountering wind and strong light.

Rich in vitamin C food: Kiwi, fresh chili, fresh jujube, strawberry, lemon, ugly citrus and so on. It is worth noting that Vitamin C is afraid of heat, fear of light, but also afraid of wok, it is best to eat raw to reduce nutrient loss.

4, Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a class of strong antioxidants that can cope with a variety of external stimuli.

Vitamin E-rich foods are: vegetable oil, nuts, wheat germ and so on, these are good sources of vitamin E. But be sure to pay attention to not too much, because the food rich in vitamin E is usually a large fat content of food, eat more will lead to fat excess.

5. Anthocyanin

Anthocyanins, the antioxidant, can enhance night vision and reduce macular degeneration in the eyes.

Anthocyanin-rich foods are: broccoli, radish, blueberry, etc. contain anthocyanin.

6, protein

The visual purple on the retina of eyeball is composed of protein, if lack of protein, can cause the deficiency of visual violet synthesis, and then appear eyesight obstacle. Protein-rich foods are: lean meat, fish, milk, eggs and soy products.

7, Zinc Element

Body to clear free radicals, need zinc and other minerals to help.Moreover, the study found that lack of zinc may lead to macular degeneration. Zinc-rich foods are: oysters, shellfish, fish and shrimp and other seafood.

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