Do not eat these foods in the treatment of prostatitis

Generally speaking, prostatitis is divided into four categories according to its etiology, namely acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, nonbacterial prostatitis and prostate pain. Suffer from prostatitis and male lifestyle, such as not pay attention to hygiene, do not pay attention to diet, dirty sex life, excessive self-blasphemy, can cause prostatitis.

Although prostatitis does not have what food cure method can offer, but some thing can not eat casually, lest cause accentuate prostatitis disease.

prostatitis1.Avoid eating cold and raw.

With the popularity of raw and cold food in Japan, more and more people like it. But the cold stimulates the prostate and blocks the flow of urine. The same is true of cold drinks, which are commonly eaten in the north, or frozen drinks in the summer.

2. Refraining from taking drugs.

In patients with prostatitis, drugs such as atropine, anisodine, doxepin, scopolamine, anisodamine, and prubensin relax the bladder detrusor muscle, causing dysuria and severe urinary retention in patients with prostatitis, when diagnosed or treated with drugs, including atropine, anisodine, doxepine, scopolamine, anisodamine, and prubensin. As for morphine, isocarpine, chlorpheniramine, amoxetine, meglumine, epinephrine, phenhydramine, etc., they also affect micturition and need to consult a doctor before choosing to ban or limit their use.

3. Avoid spicy.

Spicy stimuli such as ginger, pepper, curry, mustard and other spicy foods can aggravate the body’s dampness and heat, causing congestion and swelling of the prostate, thus affecting micturition, and should be used sparingly or not as a seasoning.

4. No hair.

Hair, is a traditional Chinese medicine concept, refers to enter the human body, will stimulate the human body to aggravate the disease of food. For prostatitis, mutton, dog meat, sparrow meat, venison, pork head meat, garlic seedlings, leek and other hair, can make pathological prostate congestion, and then pressure urethra.

Additional caveat: alcohol and tobacco are also less imported.

For the elderly men with prostatitis, it is best to quit smoking and alcohol, so as not to stimulate local blood vessels caused by tobacco and alcohol dilated congestion, affecting the control of inflammation.

According to KKKhealth, prostate patients need to find the appropriate department, find out the cause of disease, and carry out targeted treatment. So the patient had better go to the urology department of regular hospital, by professional doctor to diagnose the condition after implementing check-up treatment, must not blindly believe roadside or media so-called “andrology god doctor” and so on advertisement, delayed illness.

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