A happy marriage is a cure! Marriage can prevent many diseases

It is often said that marriage and family are safe havens. A happy marriage can help relieve stress and promote health. Recently, Dr. Scarlett Gomez of the California Agency for Cancer Prevention and her team took data from the California Cancer Registry on 400000 men and 400000 women with cancer between 2000 and 2009. Married cancer patients were found to be more likely to recover.


High rate of rehabilitation of married cancer patients.

Gomez’s team found that cancer deaths in unmarried men were 22 percent higher than those in married men; cancer deaths in unmarried women were 15 percent higher than in married men. Gomez says: “although cancer is terrible, it is a pleasure to have someone around you listen to you and help you cope with psychological stress.” Zheng Li, a consultant with the Center for Mental Health Promotion at the Institute of Mental Health of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that a happy marriage can help cancer patients face their illness and treatment in a positive manner in the following three ways.

Equal communication between husband and wife. Cancer patients because of pain and heavy use of drugs and emotional ups and downs, painful treatment process more patients with anxiety, depression and even fear and other negative emotions. Between husband and wife, if one of the sick can really express his inner thoughts, the other side can listen quietly, put himself in the patient’s shoes, can effectively soothe the anxiety of the patient, and let the patient have confidence to continue treatment. “Equal communication is not about volume, and effective communication is not about guessing each other. Husband and wife are listeners and narrators to each other, one side bravely expresses, one side feels attentively, each other thinks transposed. This not only can truly feel the patient’s physical and mental suffering, but also can enhance the feelings between husband and wife. “Zheng Li said.

Settle the conflict calmly. Around the “diesel, rice, salt, sauce and vinegar tea,” both husband and wife inevitably because of trivial differences, quarrel. In particular, when one partner has cancer, the condition can be repeated so that each other’s negative emotions can be transmitted to each other. Zheng says many happily married couples have one thing in common in conflict resolution: slow down and forgive each other. Husband and wife are the people who know each other’s temperament best. When conflicts occur, you should control your temper and give each other and yourself a period of calm.

Take good care of your children. Children who grow up in a happy marriage with their parents are often filled with love and warmth and know how to be grateful and repay. When the father or mother has cancer, the child’s careful care and patient care can psychologically alleviate the pain of the patient, so that the patient with a positive attitude to combat the disease.

A happy marriage is a cure.

Gomez team research found that a happy marriage in addition to prostate cancer, breast cancer and other common cancer treatment has positive significance, but also help to protect cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, maintain a better mental health status. Yuan Fenglan, a professor of cancer prevention at the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said couples in happy marriages generally have a positive attitude and good mental health benefits.

To reduce the risk of cancer. Sleep is an important factor affecting the endocrine system of the human body. Marriage helps relieve stress, ease mood and relieve insomnia. If the human endocrine long-term in a state of disorder immune function will be affected tumor and other major diseases will take advantage of; on the contrary adequate sleep and positive emotions are conducive to maintaining endocrine balance. The main endocrine glands of the human body are thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, islet, thymus gland and gonad. When endocrine hormones are stable and metabolism is normal, men suffer from prostate cancer. Women are less likely to have uterine, ovarian, brain and breast cancer.

Positive attitude reduces depression. Robin Simon, a sociology professor at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, has found that women are more likely to suffer from depression because of sadness, but married women are significantly less likely to suffer from depression. A happy marriage, couples are mostly happy, suffering from anxiety, depression and other psychological diseases risk is relatively low.

To reduce the risk of chronic disease. Yuan Fenglan says bad habits are the cause of many chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and overeating, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Responsible couples will consciously abandon unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, and urge each other to establish scientific and reasonable living habits.

There’s a secret to a happy marriage.

Zheng Li said that mutual supervision and improvement of living habits, scientific and reasonable exercise together, and improve the quality of companionship is the secret to promoting marital happiness. This will not only enhance the couple’s relationship, but also enhance their sense of acquisition and happiness.

Get rid of bad habits. Husband and wife get along day and night, each other’s living habits influence each other, and even slowly converge. Changing habits that one has developed over the years is a difficult task, such as giving up smoking and drinking, not only with great determination and courage, but also with the support and encouragement of one’s spouse. Learn to change your mind, affirm each other’s changes, and share your insights. When encountering resistance, couples need to work together to monitor each other’s implementation.

A scientific and rational movement. The body releases dopamine during exercise, a chemical that makes people feel good, and a positive attitude helps fight the disease. Couples can choose one or two sports of mutual interest, such as walking, jogging, dancing, and so on, according to their physical condition. Long-term adherence can not only increase the tacit understanding between husband and wife, but also deepen their feelings. Zheng Li said: “on weekends, long holidays, husband and wife can choose to travel to the suburbs or a little further away, so that the mind and body temporarily away from the trivial life, completely relax.” Accompanying and helping each other during the journey can make husband and wife more convinced that each other is the pillar of each other, and truly hold hands with their children and grow old together. ”

Improve the quality of company. High-quality companionship is a passionate attitude towards life and an active pursuit of health. Such as watching movies, reading, sharing each other’s experience; leisure time, travel, sports, enjoy the scenery of life, improve physical fitness and so on. Especially when one side encounters difficulties, encounters low point, suffers from the disease, the other side does not give up, can let the opposite party have the spiritual strength to rely on, the whole body and soul enters the battle.

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