How to choose sunscreen and cosmetics

Sunscreen is not simple to make the skin is not prone to black spots, in fact, the Sun ultraviolet (UV) is also accelerated skin aging and cause skin cancer culprits! So even if it is winter, also need sunscreen! The market of sunscreen Lin Luang everywhere, how to choose the right sunscreen supplies?


Anti-Sun ability

The first thing to choose is a wide spectrum of sunscreen. If the sunscreen product is marked “broad spectrum”, it means that the product can effectively block UVA and UVB. UVA causes skin to age and wrinkle, while UVB causes skin burns. Regardless of UVA or UVB can cause skin cancer, so the choice is to buy “broad spectrum” words of sunscreen, otherwise most sunscreen products can only block UVB. In addition to pay attention to sunscreen coefficient SPF. SPF refers to the coating of sunscreen, in artificial or natural light irradiation, the skin produces red phenomenon of the time required, and do not rub sunscreen when the ratio, is the so-called sun-proof coefficient. In short, the larger the SPF, the longer the skin is protected from sunburn. SPF mainly represents the filtration and protection of UVB. For UVA protection, the cosmetic products of the Japanese system are represented by PA. If the time in the outdoors is very short, just rub SPF15 above or pa+ above the sun can be, if outdoor activities for a long time, it is best to choose more than SPF30 or pa+++ above products.

Physical Rationality vs Chemical sunscreen

The principle of physical sunscreen is to reflect and disperse ultraviolet rays when ultraviolet contact with the skin; chemical sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet light before it affects the skin. In general, physical sunscreen is less likely to cause skin allergies, its main components are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both of which can effectively block UVA and UVB. In chemical sunscreen, because a single component can only block a narrow range of ultraviolet rays, so chemical sunscreen contains a variety of ingredients. Which Paba is very easy to produce allergies, it is easy to be allergic to the proposal to choose not to contain PABA sun more appropriate. If you are going to do water activities, you will need to choose a waterproof sunscreen products. The general label “Water resistant” means that this sunscreen product in the water can maintain SPF 40 minutes, “Very Water resistant” can be maintained for 80 minutes.

Choose sunscreen according to skin nature

Oily skin Friends can choose the low oil and sun protection, the general will have “sheer” words. Dry skin can choose a higher degree of moisture, the general will have “moisturizing” words. If there is a need to adjust the skin color, you can choose the “tinted” printed.

Use Sun protection method

Because the different environment will refract ultraviolet rays, such as the sand can refract 17%uv, the snow can refract 80%, and even if it is cloudy, there are still 80%uv can penetrate the clouds, so do not think summer just need to apply sunscreen. In addition, outdoors, generally recommended 10 minutes before going out to rub sunscreen, each Shinesa need to be cleaned. Swimming, towel rub, excessive sweating and friction will affect the effect of sunscreen, need to pay attention to repair. Finally, to avoid the 10:00 to 3:00 Sun, can be umbrella, wear thin long sleeves and Daikuan side caps to strengthen protection.

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