Can smoking cause high blood pressure?

Of course.

Some people, always think that the main danger of smoking is causing more cancer, in fact, this is a misconception.

According to the study in China, 63.5% of the diseases caused by smoking are cardiovascular diseases, 18.7% are tumors, 13.1% are respiratory diseases, and 2.2% are other diseases.

A survey of more than five million couples of childbearing age conducted by Chinese scholars found that the risk of high blood pressure was increased if the husband smoked and the wife had bad luck. And the greater the husband’s addiction, the higher the wife’s risk of developing high blood pressure.

Smoking can activate the sympathetic nervous system of human body, promote the increase of catecholamine in human plasma and urine, lead to elevated arterial blood pressure and increased risk of arteriosclerosis.

Tobacco smoke also promotes the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine, narrows systemic vasospasm and raises blood pressure.

Nicotine induces and accumulates reactive oxygen species, causes endothelial dysfunction and endothelium-dependent vasodilation, changes vascular structure and function, induces vasoconstriction, increases peripheral vascular resistance, and leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Other studies have found that the average 24-hour blood pressure and daytime blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure who received antihypertensive treatment were higher than those in patients who did not smoke, and the results were related to the decline in parasympathetic activity. Inhibition of parasympathetic activity contributes to the induction of smoking-induced tachycardia.

After smoking was banned in Switzerland, deaths from high blood pressure dropped by 54%, and deaths from congestive heart failure dropped by 60%.

These results suggest that smoking can increase blood pressure, and quitting smoking can reduce the fatality rate of hypertensive patients.

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