Can diabetes eat chocolate?

Chocolate is a sweet food made of cocoa butter and cocoa butter as the main ingredient. It is widely used in the processing of various sweet desserts to increase the taste of food. It is not only delicate and sweet taste, but also has a strong aroma, daily life is very popular with children.


What are the advantages of chocolate?

Chocolate has the red wine contained in the antioxidant, at the same time because of small size, many flavors, very convenient to carry, so that people at any time to replenish their physical strength, but also to help ease the mood.

So since chocolate contains so much nutrition, can diabetics eat it?

People with diabetes can eat chocolate, but only certain kinds of chocolate. Only truly pure, sugar-free black chocolate blood sugar high patients can eat.

Dark chocolate contains the yellow alcohols, and unsaturated fatty acids, even if eaten will not be converted into calorie fat, while digestion and absorption of dark chocolate, will consume the body of fat and calories. can help diabetics to smooth blood sugar, is a good food for people with diabetes. But pure black chocolate contains no sugar, taste more bitter, the average person is difficult to swallow.

Dark chocolate is not sugar-free chocolate, in the market, the pure pure sugar-free chocolate is very few, because of the taste, so less sales, the majority of people will choose sugar-free chocolate.

So sugar-free chocolate is not a little sugar do not contain it?

If you think that’s wrong, sugar-free chocolate is a chocolate that uses maltose instead of sucrose.

Our daily consumption of chocolate is processed, remove the flavonoids contained therein, to change the bitter taste of chocolate itself, containing a lot of sugar and fat, high calorie, does not belong to a healthy snack, these are the natural enemies of hypertensive patients.

So diabetics who want to eat chocolate as far as possible to choose black chocolate consumption or cocoa content of 70% or more dark chocolate, daily consumption within 50g. Daily supermarkets sell chocolate does not seem to meet the standard dark chocolate, if you want to eat, try to choose to import pure black chocolate. Market on sale of two processed chocolate, diabetic patients as far as possible or not to eat as well, if the special greedy, then choose in their own blood sugar stable stage, eat a small piece can be. All still have to take oneself health as premise.

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