Divorce may be directly related to early death

Researchers at the University of Arizona in the United States found that divorce or a couple breakup was associated with the risk of premature death. The researchers analyzed information from 5,786 elderly people, 926 of whom had not remarried after a divorce or breakup, and others were in a marital state. The researchers analyzed their reports of life satisfaction, frequency of exercise and smoking, and examined their lung function and inflammation levels.


After considering factors such as gender, age and socioeconomic status, the researchers found that the risk of death during the study period was 46% higher than that of peers who were still married. In a paper published by the latest issue of the journal Medical Behavior Chronicle, the researchers wrote that the subjects of divorce or breakup, especially women, were less satisfied with life than married subjects.

In addition, they have a low level of exercise and a higher rate of smoking than married people. However, the study did not reveal why the subjects of divorce or breakup were more likely to smoke or lack exercise.

The researchers believe it may be due to a lack of restraint or influence from the other half. The US “Eureka Alert” news website quotes researchers as saying that divorce is not always a negative health effect, and ending an unhealthy relationship can significantly improve the quality of life.

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