30-Year-old quit smoking 10 years long

Today is the 31st World No Tobacco Day, with the theme “Tobacco and heart disease”.

Guangdong Province Health Education Center, Guangdong Province Association for the control of smoking, the joint disclosure: the current Guangdong 15-year-old smoking rate of 26.48%, nearly half of Guangdong men are “smokers”, according to population data, the province of smokers data has reached more than 23.7375 million people. To 2030 to “healthy Guangdong” standards, the province to reduce the smokers to 5.81 million people. “Smoking is harmful to health” is not only in lung cancer, these “smokers” are facing a 1.5 times times higher risk of stroke than “non-smokers”, 2.2 times times more dangerous than coronary heart disease. Guangdong Tobacco control experts called on “smokers” to stop “puff”, even stop smoking for 20 minutes, can get “heart rate and blood pressure drop” benefits.


About 48% men over 15 years old smoking in Guangdong

Tobacco epidemic monitoring is an important part of the comprehensive strategy of smoke control proposed by the World Health Organization. Since 2013, Guangdong has been carrying out tobacco epidemic surveillance for urban and rural residents every year.

“The province’s smoke control work is a long journey!” “Provincial Health Education Center Director Tangjie informed the 2016-2017-year Guangdong Province tobacco epidemic monitoring situation, so sigh said.”

Monitoring results from the large data-32 survey sites across the province, covering 96 streets (township), 192 neighborhood Committees (villages), samples from the province of 7,680 households.

The core of the monitoring data shows that Guangdong province over 15 years old people now smoking rate of 26.48%, of which men are 48.31%, women 1.8%, urban lower than rural. According to the 2015 population data, smokers aged over 15 in Guangdong province were 23.7375 million.

Tangjie pointed out that the “Health China 2030” plan outline “to 2030, 15 years old people over the smoking rate to 20%”, Guangdong’s current situation and requirements of the gap of 6.48%.In other words, to “healthy Guangdong” standards, the province to reduce the smokers to 5.81 million people.

Rural women are 2.9 times times more likely to smoke than urban women

Analysis of the smoking rate of different groups of people, now the highest smoking rate of the group is rural males, 56.34%, followed by urban males, 45.05%. Compared with 48.31% of Guangdong men smoking rate, Guangdong women smoking rate is not high, only 1.8%, rural women smoking rate than urban women 2.9 times times higher, the two are 3.26% and 1.14% respectively.

Among the “smoking rates of different age groups”, both sexes had the highest rates of 45~64岁, 62.8%, 3.09% respectively. In addition, the smoking rate was 48.6% for 25~44岁 men, 65 for men over 43.8%, and 29.7% for 15~24 men. In terms of daily smoking, the total population had a daily smoking rate of 22.18%, 40.7% for men and 1.25% for women. Smokers now have an average of 15.96 cigarettes a day, 16.11 for men and 7.65 for women. 

Unannounced visits show “unit smoking” phenomenon is not optimistic

About half of the men in Guangdong are “smokers”, where are they “puffing”?

Tangjie pointed out that, according to the rationale of “smokers” in the workplace is unable to smoke-up to now, “smokeless units in Guangdong Province” has been up to 5,259, the province of public places workplace tobacco control regulations also included in Guangdong this year’s legislative preparatory project.

However, in fact, according to this year’s provincial tobacco control inspection unannounced investigations, smoking in the unit is not optimistic.

The Working Group has made unannounced visits to the government, health and family planning institutions a total of 319, of which city, County (city, district), the town of the third-level people’s government 62, medical and health institutions 257. The provincial unannounced investigations comprehensive score of 75.6 points (out of 100), of which the government’s unannounced visits scored 60.4 points, health and family planning unannounced visits scored 79.3 points.

Unannounced investigations found that indoor smoking behavior is widespread. Some units do not set outdoor smoking area, resulting in dead spots, potted plants and other places everywhere are cigarette butts. Even 9.1% of the county or city hospitals, 1.6% of the grassroots hospitals actually sell tobacco products.

All know smoking hurt lung don’t know smoking sad

“Smoking is the biggest culprit in lung cancer,” the monitoring data show that the knowledge is about Cheng. However, there is a wider risk of smoking-whether it is a cigarette or secondhand smoke that can lead to cardio-cerebrovascular disease, a low rate of awareness.

Xingxiaojiang, director of Guangdong Provincial Association of Tobacco Control and Sun Yat Sen Hospital, said that in China, cardio-cerebrovascular disease led to death accounted for more than 40%, almost twice times the proportion of malignant tumors (including lung cancer). Global medical research shows that 10% of cardio-cerebral vascular deaths, 12% of heart disease deaths, due to smoking, second-hand smoke exposure. “If it is the death of the heart Terrier, under the age of 50 years, almost all can find the ‘ shadow ‘ of the cigarette.” “Xingxiaojiang said.

Smoking damage vascular endothelial tissue, causing coronary sclerosis, resulting in vascular stenosis, so the “trigger effect”, in the basis of arteriosclerosis smoking, will promote thrombosis, resulting in high blood pressure and increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

Smokers are 2.2 times times more likely to have coronary heart disease than non-smokers; even a single cigarette a day can increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 74% and women by 119%; The greater the amount of smoking, the longer the smoking life, the higher the risk of coronary heart disease and death. In addition, smoking will affect the effect of antihypertensive, lipid-lowering drugs, reduce the treatment of coronary heart disease.

Smoking damages the blood vessels of the brain and the neck, causing atherosclerosis, vascular stenosis, and causing plaque rupture in the brain and neck arteries, forming embolus, clogging the brain and blood vessels, and smoking causes high blood pressure, and increases the risk of stroke.

According to medical research, smokers are 1.5 times times more likely to have a stroke than smokers, and the greater the amount of smoking, the longer the risk of stroke. In addition, smoking can reduce the effect of stroke treatment.

Smoking cessation in 1 years can halve the risk of heart attack

Xingxiaojiang pointed out that quitting smoking can quickly reduce the risk of heart disease: stop smoking for 20 minutes, “smokers” heart rate, blood pressure will drop, quit smoking 1 years, the risk of heart attack can be halved; 5-15 years after quitting smoking, the risk of stroke is lower than that of non-smokers; after 15 years of quitting, The risk of heart attack is reduced to non smoker level. Smokers are less associated with disease and disability than are those who continue to smoke. “Quitting smoking at any age will benefit, as early as possible,” Xingxiaojiang points out, smoking cessation before the age of 35 to avoid 90% of heart disease caused by smoking, smoking cessation before 59 years of age, the likelihood of death in 15 years is only half of the continuing smoking. If the 30-year-old quit smoking, life expectancy than continue to smoke more than 10; at the age of 40 quit, live 9 years, quit smoking at 50 years, live 6 years, smoking cessation at a greater age, also can add life 3 years.

Dare to say “do Not Smoke”

On the 31st World No Tobacco Day, tobacco control has again become the focus of attention. Guangzhou Daily News media reporter learned that, despite the increasing awareness of the dangers of smoking, but in the face of smokers in no-smoking areas, are willing to discourage people are not many, evidence of complaints are a minority. Some members of the public said that “forbearance and forbearance have passed”, and the public also reflected that “the evidence complaint is a bit troublesome, and the time spent may not be effective”, so the final choice is silence. The Guangzhou Tobacco Control Association pointed out that in the face of smokers in no-smoking areas, the public can protect their rights under the law and boldly say “do not smoke”. Members of the public can take photographs or record video forensics, report to 12345 of complaints, and ask the operators or managers of the premises to impose penalties for ineffective tobacco control.

Citizens say discouraging smokers is not easy

When you are faced with smokers in no-smoking areas, will you stand firm and insist that the other party abide by the indoor smoking regulations, discouraging the other party “do Not Smoke”?In this respect, the Guangzhou daily Media reporter in a certain no-smoking place did a small scope survey, among 20 respondents, 13 said “see the situation”, 4 said “No”, only 3 respondents said “will”.

“In general, I would choose to lodge a complaint with a waiter or an administrator and ask them to discourage offending smokers.” “Mr. Zhang said that one of the obstacles is to face the need to have a positive contact with the offending smokers and to take a shot at the waiter or the manager.”  迕 Jean and the Ā?/p>

For the initiative to “do not smoke” or to stop smokers continue to smoke has no effect, 20 respondents, 12 said “effective”, 5 said “repeated protests after the effect,” but 3 said “no effect.” Some members of the public said that the offending smokers had been discouraged, but the effect is small, so the desire to discourage again discouraged, to meet people who smoke illegally, also no longer offer to discourage.

The public is not aware of the channels for reporting illegal smokers

In the survey, 16 of the 20 respondents who reported or complained about illegal smokers or establishments were “not”, and only 4 said they would “report”.

But of the 20 respondents, 18 said they had “no idea” about how to report them.

Mr Lau, who was interviewed, said that he did not know what avenues could be used to report illegal smokers, and did not know that it was possible to lodge complaints against the operators of the establishments.

“Sometimes because you do not know the way to report complaints, so think about it, because even if discouraged, the other side do not listen to discourage, you have no way.” Miss Luo said, there are many reasons to reduce people’s desire to complain and report, the awareness of protecting their right to health has not really awakened, lack of knowledge of tobacco control and the way to report complaints, but also limits the way people defend their rights.


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