You can’t help it! High blood sugar makes the heart “hard.”

Cardiovascular complications are one of the leading causes of death among people with diabetes.

”Sugar friends“ are susceptible to cardiovascular disease, mainly because hyperglycemia will supply the heart blood flow of the coronary artery, cardiac myocytes and regulate the heart activity of the nerve 3 of the harm, for example, we are very familiar with coronary heart disease is the long-term blood vessels soaked in “sugar syrup” in the cause. High blood sugar is also very harmful to myocardial cells, these include the hardening and blockage of small blood vessels in the nutrient myocardium, the “malnutrition” of cardiac myocytes, the death of myocardial cells by oxidative stress, and the stimulation of fibroblast cells to synthesize “criminal” collagen tissue, causing excess collagen tissue to accumulate in the heart, resulting in cardiac fibrosis. To “harden” the original soft and resilient heart.


So, high blood sugar is the heart of the “hardening Agent.” After the heart becomes “hard”, the function will be greatly affected. Lose the elasticity of the heart, diastolic ability, the function of pumping blood to the whole body will also become worse, the blood should return to the heart can only stay in the lungs, liver and lower extremity blood vessels, meaning that these blood can not “breathe” fresh air, also can not carry “nutrients” supply the body. In addition, high blood sugar reduces the heart’s energy reserve, and the heart’s ability to work is further reduced in the case of “starvation”. In the future, it may even develop into heart failure, resulting in dyspnea, choking, loss of appetite and edema of the lower extremities.

Compared with the general heart failure, hyperglycemia causes heart failure, which mainly affects diastolic function, and the relative effect of systolic function is relatively small. Active control of blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids and so on to prevent heart failure is very important. The treatment of heart failure needs to control the amount of drinking water, oral diuretics to promote urination, reduce heart load, the use of some have to reduce the role of sympathetic nerves and other drugs, can also prevent the heart from becoming “hard”.

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