Seven points for attention in the use of antibiotics

The ears of “Bob” were gone. When I heard the news, my heart ached so much that I almost couldn’t live. My mind was full of bright, lovely faces, big flashing eyes, and simple happy smiles. And a little waving hand. 

The cause of Bob deafness is an oral overdose of gentamicin, an antibiotic. 

Antibiotics are very high frequency of medical use, bacterial diseases have a clear effect of a class of drugs, we are familiar with penicillin, erythromycin and so on belong to antibiotics. 

The abuse of antibiotics has become a serious medical and social problem, leading to the outbreak of “superbugs” around the world. At a time, the abuse of antibiotics has become one of the most concerned topics. 

Today KKKhealth popularizes the seven basics of antibiotic use to help you better understand and protect yourself.

Seven points for attention in the use of antibiotics
Seven points for attention in the use of antibiotics

1. Do not use drugs without permission

  • Do not decide for yourself whether to use medicine: Antibiotics are prescription drugs and need to be used under the guidance of a doctor. Doctors are like “military advisors” and can provide you with various strategies to defeat the enemy and help you to restore the “steady state” of the body as soon as possible.
  • Do not stop or reduce the amount of your own: antibiotics do not use as little as possible, to know that the use of insufficient quantities is more likely to produce resistance. Therefore, in the use of antibiotics, this weapon must not be used in too small an amount. This will not effectively defeat the enemy. Instead, it may increase the arrogance of the enemy and may result in defeat.

2. Antibiotics are effective against bacteria

Antibiotics are effective against bacteria but are not effective against viruses.

The first thing to use antibiotics is to determine whether it is a bacterial infection or not, what type of bacterial infection it is. Many people quickly use antibiotics as soon as they catch a cold. Most of the colds are caused by viruses. Therefore, the use of antibiotics is often ineffective.

3. Targeted medications are effective

Many people have a wrong understanding and think that if they get the disease, they must “multiple things”. For example taking several antibiotics at the same time, they think that when a drug does not hit the heart, other drugs will work simultaneously, and there will always be a drug that hits the target.

But in fact, every antibiotic has its own type of bacteria and it works only when it is right.

For example, erythromycin has an inhibitory effect on staphylococci, and gentamicin has a killing effect on E. coli and the like.

Another example is vancomycin. In the antibiotic family, it can be regarded as the master of tall, but it is invalid for gram-negative bacteria.

We can’t use a grenades to deal with the Air Force. We can’t use rifles to attack submarines. We can’t use anti-aircraft guns to fight flies.

If antibiotics are not applied to the type of bacteria they target, they can not only cure the disease but also harm the body and bury potential safety hazards. Because it will make bacteria more powerful, that is, doctors say bacteria resistance.

4. Do not give priority to combination medication

When administering drugs, it is generally not advisable to use several antibiotics together at the beginning.

Only in the following situations will consider the combination of drugs:

  • Multiple bacterial infections
  • Long course treatment
  • Synergistic use of antimicrobial agents
  • Single antibiotics cannot effectively control serious infections

5. Do not eat antibiotic prevention

Many parents have such a situation, such as fear of a cold transmitted to children, they are not allowed to give children antibiotics, this approach is unscientific. Training and strengthening children’s resistance is the best preventive measure.

6. Medication should be sufficient, foot treatment

Some people are afraid of side effects, and if the condition is relieved, they should be stopped immediately. This is not desirable.

Antibiotics act directly on the bacteria, but it is not possible to immediately kill all the bacteria. At this time, the drug is discontinued, and there may be some bacteria that are still prolonged. This part is precisely tolerant to drugs. If the killing is not complete, not only will the illness be repeated, but when the drug is re-administered, these bacteria will also become resistant to drug resistance.

Therefore, if you really need to take antibiotic treatment, you must use sufficient amounts of time and time, and use medication according to the course of treatment to maintain a sufficient concentration to avoid the lack of concentration and cause drug-resistant bacteria to wait.

7. Children should be more cautious

Some antibiotics that can easily lead to child injury and disability must be used with caution. Than as cause tooth black and yellow tetracycline, easily lead to deaf children streptomycin, gentamicin.

how about it? After my explanation, the basic knowledge of the use of antibiotics, you all understand it? Hopefully it will help you. When abuse occurs, you have a self-defense jersey. Believe me, the above several tips for medication, you are definitely worth having!

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