People who get sick often live longer

In daily life, some people who are often ill often live longer, while those who appear to be very healthy sometimes suddenly suffer from serious illness, which is often very incomprehensible. 

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A study of hundreds of people over the age of 100 by an American insurance company found that many of those who lived long were frail and “often sick”, while those who were otherwise healthy tended to die early. Studies have shown that even elderly people with chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes can become centenarians as long as they give up bad habits, exercise and take good care of themselves. What, then, is the reason for the longevity of “people who are often ill”? 

“people who are often ill” know more about maintenance. 

Usually the frail and sick mostly contain an instinct given by the desire to survive, because they know they are ill and can often cherish and take care of their own bodies. People who are fit for a long time tend to live longer than those who are “strong” and neglect self-care, while those who do not feel ill tend to lose sight of all sorts of red flags. 

A lot of people laugh that “people who get sick often” exaggerate and take medicine for a little bit of illness. In fact, that’s the advantage of “people who get sick a lot.” their greatest advantage is to know what’s wrong and treat it quickly. And be able to detect diseases at an early stage. At the same time, “often sick people” will be based on the doctor’s advice and previous illness experience, “the right medicine”, rather than taking a random dose. If they do not take the medicine themselves, they will also go to the hospital for treatment in the first place, because they know best that if they do not, there will be very serious consequences, which many healthy people cannot do. 

“A person who is often ill” is not afraid of getting sick. 

The frequent occurrence of minor faults and the absence of major ones is more common in “those who are often ill”. “people who are often ill” are used to dealing with diseases. In the face of diseases, they are not afraid in the first place and have the upper hand in “momentum”. The frail and sickly in the struggle against the disease, every “struggle” once, may earn a valuable wealth for their bodies. But the healthy person, once sick, often will own condition to the bad aspect union to think, creates the very big psychological burden. 

“people who often get sick” have a more peaceful mind. 

The frail and sickly people are generally not competitive and do not do anything that is beyond their ability. They are well aware that they are physically ill and cannot withstand the stimulation of bad emotions such as great joy, great sorrow, and worry about gain and loss. Their mentality is more peaceful, not only to the body. The expectations of other things in life are not too high, can be calm. In this way, energy consumption is relatively slow, saving life energy. However, some people who appear to be relatively healthy at ordinary times blindly believe that they are in good health, live irregularly, eat indiscriminately, and are competitive and competitive. Over time, their body’s ability to resist disease declines, and when they do not get sick, they are relatively normal. Once sick, it is often a serious illness.

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