Peer smoking is more “induced” in adolescents

Recently, the Cangzhou City Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Hebei Province released the results of a two-month survey on smoking in primary and secondary schools. The survey involved 2852 students in primary, middle and high schools. The age of the survey ranged from 9 to 16 years of age. The results showed that among 974 primary school students, 8 smoked, all boys, 31 tried smoking, of whom 2 were girls and 21 were girls, of whom 2 were girls, and 2 were girls. Of the 869 senior high school students who tried smoking, 29 smoked, 5 of them girls, and 79 of them tried to smoke. The smoking behavior of female students in urban middle school is more than ever before.


CDC person in charge of the city, the current situation of primary and secondary school smoking is not optimistic. According to the survey, compared with family, film and television works, peer smoking behavior and attitude is more “induced” to teenagers. Among the surveyed students, 42.3% have close friends smoking. Family smoking, children are easy to imitate, the survey of students, the main family members of smokers accounted for 60.2%. The survey found that very few students smoke at home, mainly outside school, restaurants smoking. 73.6% of the respondents were often exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes, restaurants, places of entertainment, while only 26.3% of the students were averse to smoking in public places. The situation of smoking ban in public places was not satisfactory.

The main way for smokers to get tobacco is through the commissary, friends to send and take from home, smoking places are mainly in off-campus, restaurants and so on.

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