Vitamin K is also a good helper for calcium supplements.

Many people know that calcium deficiency requires vitamin D supplementation, but vitamin K is also a good aid to calcium supplements and plays a vital role in our growth. 


Vitamin K, also called clotting vitamin, is a fat-soluble vitamin. It promotes normal blood clotting. Although the human body needs less, but the newborn is extremely easy to lack. Lack of it can lead to impaired coagulation, bleeding and even death in severe cases. Sufficient vitamin K in the body can promote bone metabolism and effectively reduce the risk of fracture. It can also reduce women’s menstrual period bleeding, prevent internal bleeding and hemorrhoids and so on. Middle-aged and elderly women, preference for meat dishes, common nosebleeds and long-term antibiotics should pay special attention to take vitamin K from food. 

Vitamin K is mainly in the form of leafgreen quinone in green vegetables, animal liver, fish, meat, dairy products, vegetable oil also contains a small amount. Among them, green leafy vegetable content is the highest. Generally, the darker the color of green leafy vegetables, the higher the vitamin K content. Other foods such as peas, eggs, fish, dairy products, soy oil, meat, fruit, nuts, liver and cereals are also rich in vitamin K. 

In general, a daily intake of 500 grams of vegetables, including more than 300 grams of dark green leafy vegetables, can effectively prevent vitamin K deficiency and maintain the health of blood vessels and bones. 

It is worth noting that adequate absorption of vitamin K requires oils and fats. Therefore, eat green leafy vegetables as far as possible do not choose to eat raw, with clear stir-fried or blanched water after the use of oil salad is more conducive to absorption. In addition, excessive intake of vitamin K can cause problems, such as hemolytic anemia in pregnant women and hyperbilirubinemia in their newborns; hemolytic anemia and allergic dermatitis can be induced in the elderly with specific constitution.

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