It’s wrong to put ice on your face after sunburn!

Summer comes, and the skin is prone to be tanned and sunburned by intense ultraviolet rays. After sunburn, some people will use ice, moisturizing mask, and so on, and others will use vinegar smear the wound. Are these methods reliable at all? What should be done after sunburn? 


It is not scientific to apply ice to your face after sunburn. In this regard, Dongfang summed up several common and misleading sunburn repair methods on the Internet: 

1. ” Apply ice to the affected area after sunburn. “A local frostbite may occur.” 

2. ” Smear with vinegar blister place disinfection relieve pain “can destroy the skin acidity and alkalinity;” 

3. ” Repair with whitening and moisturizing mask “is not reliable, because the skin is in a sensitive state of injury, should avoid the use of cosmetics;” 

4. ” Aspirin plus stomach medicine can treat sunburn “method has certain reason, but the concentration that allocates medicaments is very difficult to grasp. 

So what should be done after sunburn? KKKhealth introduces you to a few simple ways to deal with sunburn:

1. Apply watermelon skin. Watermelon skin is rich in vitamin C, with anti-inflammatory, whitening effect. When in use, use a knife to scrape the skin into thin slices and apply it to the sunburned skin to help relieve sunburn. 

2. Cold milk. Put the milk in the cold room for a period of time, then soak the gauze in the cold milk, twist to not dripping, apply to the sunburned skin, each time apply 30 minutes. 

3. Apply vitamin E. When the skin temperature drops, use mineral water spray to replenish water. After getting a lot of water on the skin, cut the vitamin E capsule open and apply it to the wound. 

4. Smear Fresh Cucumber Juice. Apply Fresh Cucumber Juice to painful skin for 10 minutes. Skin will not only feel cool, but also relieve pain. Fresh Cucumber Juice can not only replenish the moisture loss of the skin, but also improve the phenomenon of desquamation. After application, rinse with clean water. 

In addition, KKKhealth warned that if the skin has begun to appear desquamate and other more serious sunburn symptoms, it is recommended to the hospital in time. 

When sunburn skin is alleviated, Hua long net suggests, in order to prevent skin to appear dry astringent, taut even dry crack cannot put on makeup phenomenon, should replenish moisture. First, moisturize the face with a foam cream and rinse it off over a period of time. Then, apply a moisturizing lotion to the face, gently pressing the face with the palm of the hand, to promote the absorption of moisture by the skin. After doing so a few times, the skin can restore the original moisturizing capacity.

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