Frequent allergies may be due to the stress of life

People with allergies often also have medium- and long-term stress. Those who suffer from adrenaline exhaustion due to excessive busyness, lack of rest and staying up late can learn about their adrenal function through simple saliva tests, pupil tests, postural blood pressure measurements, and so on. This is the blind spot where more than 90 per cent of allergic patients are most prone to neglect or not to know at all.


Saliva can be used to test adrenocorticoids.

Salivary hormone test this can be used to test our adrenocorticoid cortisol). It’s very simple. Just collect saliva at four different times of the day, and have the lab test your saliva for adrenocorticoids, and then draw a chart. In this way, we can see the amount of adrenocorticoids in the body and the curve of changes. This curve is very important. Normally, it should be the highest in the morning, gradually declining, and the lowest in the evening.

But some people may curve to the right and become the highest at noon, which means the person may be a night owl, so he can’t get up in the morning, but he gets excited in the evening. Even some people’s day and night curve is not obvious, the amplitude is small, that means his adrenocorticoid stocks are very low. All in all, this is an objective, non-aggressive examination.

Often stay up late, stressed, tired of adrenaline.

First of all, let’s turn off the lights in the room, at this time the pupils should slowly dilate. Five minutes later, take out a flashlight and tilt it at your own pupil. Normally, our pupils should constrict, but some people’s pupils dilate, then constrict, and then dilate immediately after they have been constricted. This means that the person’s sphincter is weak and does not have the strength to keep the pupil in a contractile position.

This reaction indicates that the person is tired of adrenaline, and this phenomenon is apparent in people who often stay up late and are under a lot of stress. Body sphincter also includes the esophagus, anus, vagina, so adrenal fatigue, that is, the so-called serious qi deficiency people, prone to gastroesophageal reflux, gastroptosis, anal prolapse, fecal incontinence, uterine prolapse, and so on.

A fall in blood pressure after getting up indicates a problem with adrenal function.

Does postural blood pressure measure blood pressure can measure adrenal gland function? Yes, but with special skills! First, the subjects were asked to lie on their back for five minutes before taking a blood pressure test. After that, they were asked to stand up immediately, and then to take another blood pressure test within 20 seconds. Under normal circumstances, this person’s blood pressure should be rising. For example, when he’s lying on his back, his blood pressure is 120 / 70, but when he stands up, because of gravity, the whole body blood drops down to the lower part of his body, and the blood pressure goes down in a fraction of a second, in a matter of seconds. Our blood pressure detection center, Baro receptors, is alerted to the danger of hypotension and immediately orders adrenaline secretion, which stimulates the heart to compress and trigger blood pressure to rise.

So, within a few seconds of getting up, normal blood pressure rises by about 10 / 5, from 120 / 70 to 130 / 75, which is a healthy sign that adrenaline is enough. But if your blood pressure drops when you get up, such as a 10 / 65 drop, you may have a problem with your adrenal gland, which may be caused by staying up late, overworked, or weak. If your blood pressure drops by 20 / 10, it can be considered a pathological postural hypotension.

Lack of sleep, nutritional bias due to adrenal fatigue.

The Measurement of Kidney Pulse of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a wonderful and accurate way to identify the pulse. The adaptation artery of both hands is where the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner takes the pulse. According to the different position, it can be divided into “inch”, “Guan” and “ruler”. The appropriate artery of both hands is the ulnar part, which is the position of the kidney as it is called in traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, the kidney of traditional Chinese medicine includes the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, kidney, bladder and genitalia of western medicine, but not just the kidney. If a person’s adrenal gland is tired, the kidneys are usually weak or even disappear. I have found clinically that many young people now have no kidneys, that is to say, adrenal fatigue in many modern young people may be caused by staying up late, not getting enough sleep and nutritional bias.

Adrenal function is normal, allergy is not easy to attack, the tolerance to allergen also can be much bigger. On the contrary, the person of adrenal gland function declination, not only easy allergy, also can produce autoimmune disease, can prematurely even age, blood vessel pathological change, cancerization.

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