17 bad sleeping habits can affect your life

Sleep takes up about 1/3 of the time in a person’s life.

Even so, there are still a lot of people who struggle to get a healthy night’s sleep. According to a survey, the incidence of insomnia in the world has reached 27%, of which, the incidence of insomnia in women is about twice as high as in men.

Indeed, from puberty to all ages, women often face more sleep problems than men. Sleep, on the other hand, often affects women more than men.

On the one hand, women’s emotional experience and mood swings are more abundant than men’s, knowing that sleep is inextricably linked to emotion; on the other hand, women’s discomfort due to hormonal changes after middle age, It can also have a direct and severe effect on sleep.

“the young woman needs it, the middle-aged woman craves it, and the old woman asks for it and cannot get it. “this statement from the medical profession illustrates the relationship between women and sleep, and fully illustrates the importance of sleep for women.

In the course of treating Huang Xiaojia, I found that she has many bad sleep habits, and these bad sleep habits are also likely to exist in many women. These habits may seem trivial, but they can be a major obstacle to getting healthy sleep. I will sum up these bad habits, we can carry out a comparison, self-testing.


13 wrong sleeping habits

Wrong Sleep habit 1-Sleeping with makeup:

Makeup has become a compulsory subject for most women. But many women, especially young girls, like makeup, but do not pay much attention to makeup removal-often because it is too late, they may go to bed without removing makeup.

This bad habit is very harmful to the skin, because the residual cosmetics often cause pore obstruction, induced acne and other skin problems, may damage the skin for a long time, promote skin aging.

Bad Sleep habits 2-Sleep Storage:

Many young people have the habit of staying up late, some for work, some for pleasure. Some people usually sleep a few extra hours in order to stay up late. In fact, it does little to help your health. What we really need is regular, high quality sleep, not long but poor quality sleep.

Wrong sleep! watch out for breast cancer! Check your sleep habits on the next page. Is that right?

Bad sleep habit 3-wear a bra to sleep:

Many women wear bras when sleeping to prevent their breasts from sagging.

Although bras protect women’s breasts, wearing them for more than 17 hours a day may significantly increase the risk of breast cancer, according to research by experts. This is because, when breast is pressed for a long time, can cause lymphatic circumfluence to block, cause harmful material inside body to stay in breast thereby.

Wrong Sleep habits 4-irregular Sleep time:

Long-term sleep irregular, often disrupt the physiological rhythm, resulting in insufficient sleep or sleep quality is too poor.

Wrong sleep habits 5-wear accessories to sleep:

Many women like to wear trinkets, even when sleeping without the habit of taking them off, which is actually quite dangerous. On the one hand, many of these ornaments are metal, long-term contact with the skin, may unknowingly cause chronic absorption of the skin, and even heavy metal poisoning.

On the other hand, some special treatment ornaments, such as ornaments with luminous function, will produce radium radiation, long-term contact with the body will cause harm.

Finally, sleeping should be a very relaxing thing, wearing jewelry may cause certain obstacles to the circulation of the body, is not conducive to metabolism.

Wrong Sleep habits 6-drink before bed:

With the change of life style, people’s nightlife becomes richer, especially some professional women, often because of the need to drink frequently. In fact, drinking alcohol before going to bed has a great effect on your health.

Medical research shows that drinking before bedtime can easily lead to suffocation after falling asleep, usually twice a night for about ten minutes each time. This situation is very dangerous, for a long time, easy to lead to hypertension, heart disease and other diseases.

Bad Sleep habits 7-angry before bed:

People in anger when the heart will be accelerated breathing shortness of mind before going to bed angry it is often difficult to fall asleep and thus reduce the quality of sleep.

Bad Sleep habits 8-eat before bed:

Traditional Chinese medicine says “stomach discord, lie restless”, this is very reasonable. Eat too much before going to bed, can increase gastrointestinal burden, and when stomach is digesting food, can produce stimulation to cerebrum again, let cerebrum become excited, in this way, fall asleep naturally hard.

Bad Sleep habits 9-Tea or Coffee before bed:

Whether it’s tea or coffee, it stimulates our central nervous system and arouses excitement, which is not good for sleep.

What sleep habit is easy to cause esophagus inflammation, cerebrum anoxia, giddy tinnitus? Learn about improvements on the next page.

Wrong Sleep habits 10-Pillow height is not appropriate:

From a physiological point of view, the pillow height of 8 ~ 12 cm is ideal. Pillow too low easy to cause “fall pillow”, or because of brain hyperemia and lead to wake up brain, eyelid bloated; and pillow is too high, it will affect the respiratory tract smooth, and not good for the neck.

Wrong Sleep habits 11-Sleep with your hands on your head:

Some people sleep will be used to put their hands under the head, so it is easy to affect the blood circulation, leading to numbness of the upper limbs, soreness. In addition, this sleeping position on the abdomen will produce pressure, over time, but also may cause “reflux esophagitis” and other diseases.

Wrong Sleep habits 12- Mask your head to sleep:

Many people have the habit of covering their heads with quilts, especially in colder weather, which is very unhealthy. When we sleep with a quilt over our heads, with the gradual increase of carbon dioxide concentration in the quilt, the oxygen concentration drops constantly, which can easily cause the brain to lack oxygen, so that the brain can not get enough rest from sleep and reduce the quality of sleep.

Wrong Sleep habits 13-breathe with your mouth open:

There are a lot of nose hairs in our nostrils. The function of nose hairs is to filter out some impurities in the air, such as dust and so on. Therefore, we usually breathe through our nostrils. But some people sleep in the habit of breathing open mouth, which not only allows us to suck in a lot of dust, but also may cause trachea, lungs, ribs and so on to be directly stimulated by cold air.

Bad Sleep habit 14-Sleep against the tuyere:

I have stressed several times that the sleeping environment needs to be well ventilated, but it is important not to sleep in the tuyere. People are less resilient to changes in the environment when they go to sleep, and at such times, sleeping against the wind is likely to get sick because of the cold. Therefore, the place to sleep must avoid the tuyere, especially the position of the head, and windows and doors should be kept at a certain distance.

Wrong Sleep habits 15-Sleep sitting:

Many people had the experience of sleeping in their chairs when they were students. Sitting and sleeping can slow down the heart rate and dilate blood vessels, thus exacerbating the lack of oxygen in the brain. As a result, sometimes we may feel dizzy and tinnitus after sitting and sleeping.

Wrong Sleep habits 16-Sleep relative to each other:

Many couples fall asleep relative to each other, which is actually an unhealthy sleep habit. Relative sleep, often lead to both parties produce oxygen “scramble”, or lead to one side often breathe in the other side of the exhaust gas, resulting in brain hypoxia, affecting the quality of sleep.

Wrong Sleep habits 17-Sleeping without turning off the Electric blanket:

In winter, many people often leave their electric blankets on all night because they are afraid of the cold. This is a very dangerous thing. On the one hand, if there is a problem with the quality of the electric blanket, it may cause fire or electric shock; on the other hand, the optimum temperature for a person to fall asleep should be between 33 and 35 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity should be kept between 55% and 60%.

In such an environment, a large number of blood vessels in the human skin will be in a contractile state, slowing down blood flow, so that the body has been fully adjusted and rested. Leaving the blanket open all night keeps the temperature in the quilt elevated, stimulating skin vasodilation, speeding up blood circulation, and affecting the body’s adjustment and rest.

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