How many apples do you like to eat every day? Apple’s four problems

The four problems of eating apples.

Apples are nutritious, but there are still many questions about the selection of varieties and the methods of eating them.


Question 1: should apples be peeled or not?

“this has always been a divisive issue. “Apple skin is very nutritious, but people are worried about pesticide residues,” Zhang Wen said. In fact, the current formal cultivation of apples, are basically in line with pollution-free standards, and in the apple ‘childhood’ bagging culture, basic contact with pesticides, can be washed with water to eat directly. Generally speaking, the fruit shape is neat, the fruit surface is smooth, the color is lighter, the difference between different fruits is small, often is bagged production. Jiang Micao, a professor at the School of Food at China Agricultural University, cautions that cheap apples purchased from itinerant vendors, or fruit that falls to the ground with a mixture of defective apple products, are more likely to be contaminated by pesticides, and it is safer to peel them before eating them.

Question 2: which apples are the most nutritious?

From Red Fuji, Marshal Huang to Green Apple, “although the appearance of these apples is very different, but the content of sugar, organic acids and so on are different, and the nutrition is almost the same.” “but in terms of taste and taste, Golden Crown is soft, Fuji is hard, green apple is sour and Guoguang is sweet, so you can choose according to your taste,” Zhang Wen said.

Question 3: how many apples do you eat every day?

Fu Jinru, chairman of the Tianjin Nutrition Society, said the “dietary guidelines for Chinese residents” recommend eating 200-400 grams of fruit a day, which is basically enough for a large Fuji apple. “but there is no need to stick to an apple a day, 3-4 a week, can be interspersed with some other seasonal fruit. “in addition, because the apple texture is relatively hard, when eating had better chew slowly, avoid swallowing, lest damage intestines and stomach. The best time to eat apples is between meals. Pay Jinru said, apple as a meal can provide the body, brain needs of water and nutrition, but also can bring a sense of fullness, reducing the amount of meals.

Question 4: can jam replace apples?

Jin Ru said that in the processing of apple products, fruit juice has the least nutritional loss. The jam may lose some of its water-soluble vitamins and add more sugar because it needs to be heated. There are two kinds of fruit dryness. The lyophilization nutrition is well preserved, and the nutrition loss of deep-frying is much and the heat quantity is high. Other cider products include cider, which is mild but mellow enough for older people to drink, and Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss, but try not to drink it on an empty stomach.

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