Five types of people can’t eat mangoes.

Enter spring, each kind of fruit “surge and come”, let a person covet, mango is one of them, mango is favored by a lot of people, appropriate mango has more dietotherapy effect, but its edible taboo also needs to arouse our attention. So what are the taboos about mango eating? What kind of food can’t mango be eaten with?

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Five types of people can’t eat mangoes.

Although mango nutrition value is very high, but should not eat excessive, if eat 2 / 3 of medium mango already reached dietician daily recommended amount of consumption. And the irritant substance that mango contains is more, eat mango when easy dip mango juice to wait for a place such as mouth, cheek, stimulative facial skin, cause facial redness, inflammation, serious meeting appears eye ministry is red swollen, painful phenomenon. After eating, therefore, you should wash off the mango juice that remains on the skin around your lips in time to avoid allergic reactions. In addition, because mango contains special substance, the crowd that does not suit to eat mango or should avoid mouth better.

1. Asthma patients should be careful to eat mango, should also follow the doctor’s order to eat.

2. Due to the high sugar content of mango, diabetics should avoid eating it.

3. Those who cough due to deficiency of cold (itchy throat and white phlegm) should avoid eating to avoid itching the throat.

4. Mango leaf and mango juice can cause dermatitis of allergic constitution person, so allergic constitution person should pay attention to.

5. Mango with dampness poison, suffering from skin diseases or tumors, should avoid eating.

Mangoes cannot be eaten with any food.

1. Mango and wine can not eat together: mango and wine are spicy food, eat more harmful to the human kidney.

2, mango and seafood can not be eaten together: both eat at the same time is not easy to digest, and mango and seafood are both susceptible to allergies, if the same food, easy to allergic.

3, mango and garlic can not eat the same food: mango contains that fruit acid, amino acids, proteins and so on. These substances contain irritant substances more, read to the human skin, will cause allergies, serious cases will appear red swelling, pain phenomenon. Do not eat with spicy food, eat more harmful to the human kidney.

4. Mango and pineapple cannot be eaten together: both fruits are prone to allergy because mango and pineapple contain chemicals that are prone to skin allergy, and fresh mangoes contain monohydroxylbenzene or dihydroxybenzene. Incomplete mango also contains uronic acid, they have certain irritant effect to skin mucous membrane, can cause lip is red and swollen, itching and painful, heavy still can appear blister and erosion. Pineapple contains glycosides, bromelain and other substances, on the human skin, blood vessels and other side effects, and this type of allergy is often rapid hair, Eat pineapple more after 1 hour or so can appear skin pruritus, flushing, sweaty, limbs and tongue numbness.

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