Stay up late and work overtime! 5 kinds of food to protect eyes and relieve fatigue!

Many office workers will have to stay up late to work overtime. Staying up late is a very hurtful thing. After staying up late, you are in poor spirits. Some people even have diarrhea. But a good diet can relieve discomfort from staying up late.


Essential nutrients for staying up late.

  1. Vitamin A / stay up late can easily lead to visual fatigue, vitamin A can protect the eyes.
  2. vitamins B / B vitamins are not only involved in metabolism, providing energy and protecting nerve cells, but also help stabilize nerves and relieve anxiety. And can improve memory, prevent fatigue.
  3. the antioxidant properties of vitamin E / vitamin E can prevent more harmful free radicals from staying up late.
  4. Water / staying up late makes it easy for your body to run short of water, so it is necessary to drink more plain boiled water.

5 kinds of food suitable for staying up late.

  1. Chicken liver / is rich in vitamin A, can protect eyesight very well, but should not eat much.
  2. Nuts / rich in protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin E and other nutrients, help the body recover from staying up late.
  3. Cheese / is rich in calcium and B vitamins, which can help relieve fatigue and protect bones.
  4. Green tea / refreshes, but also eliminates excess free radicals in the body, so that you feel refreshed.
  5. Lycium barbarum / can refresh and reduce pressure, but also conducive to the protection of visual acuity.

Staying up late taboo.

  1. Sugar will consume B vitamins, easy to make people tired, but also prone to obesity.
  2. Instant noodles, potato chips these junk food is not easy to digest, but also make blood fat rise, adverse to health.
  3. Strong tea, coffee although refreshing, but will consume the body’s B vitamins, make people more easily tired, and fasting drink will stimulate the gastric mucosa.

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