FDA: sunscreen pills not sunscreen consumers should be vigilant

According to the Daily Mail of May 23, the US Food and Drug Administration has warned that sunscreen pills on the market that are claimed to protect the skin have virtually no effect and consumers should be on the lookout. 


In recent years, the incidence of skin cancer has been on the rise, some people rely on sunscreen pills to protect against the sun. But the US Food and Drug Administration warned in a new report that the cosmetics market was largely unregulated and flooded with products that were supposed to protect the skin but did not actually work. The best way to protect your skin is to apply effective sunscreen. 

Scott Gottlieb, an FDA official, says there are no pills or capsules to replace sunscreen. Oral medicines that claim to provide sun protection do not achieve the benefits of advertising. Instead, they mislead consumers and put people at risk. He said the U. S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to companies that illegally sell pills and capsules. Although these companies claim that their products provide sun protection, that claim has not been confirmed and does not meet FDA safety and efficacy standards, and consumers should be vigilant. 

Advanced Skin Brightening Formula), Sunsafe RX, Solaricare and Sunergetic sunscreen pills are marketed as dietary supplements in the United States to protect against sunburn and reduce early sun-induced skin aging, the report said. Or lower the risk of skin cancer. But the Food and Drug Administration has ordered companies to stop selling the products or make it clear that they have no skin protection.

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