Don’t stay up late even if you are young. Staying up late will bring you eight disadvantages!

“work at sunrise, rest at sunset. “this is the result of a long period of human adaptation to the environment. Staying up late can damage your health. Because adrenocorticoid and growth hormone are secreted during sleep at night. The former is secreted before dawn and has the function of promoting carbohydrate metabolism and ensuring muscle development. The latter is produced only after falling asleep, which can not only promote the growth and development of teenagers, but also delay the aging of the middle-aged and the elderly. So the best time to sleep in the day is 10:00 to 6am.

Don’t stay up late even if you are young. Staying up late will bring you eight disadvantages!

Eight hazards of Young people often staying up late

Immunity drops.

People often stay up late caused by sequelae, the most serious is fatigue, mental retardation; the body’s immunity will also decline, colds, gastrointestinal infections, allergies and other symptoms of autonomic nervous disorders will appear.

Dry skin, plaques and pimples.

11:00 at night to 3 am the next day is beauty time, but also the human body’s meridians run to the gallbladder, liver time. These two organs, if not fully rested, will be shown in the skin, prone to rough, yellow face, long black spots and acne and other problems.

Fertility affected.

When men and women of childbearing age, if often stay up late, will affect the activity and number of male spermatozoa; will also affect the secretion of female hormones and egg quality, but also easy to affect the menstrual cycle.

Gastrointestinal discomfort.

Stay up late when a lot of people will eat midnight snack, a long time stagnation in the stomach, promote a large number of secretion of gastric juice, gastric mucosa caused by stimulation, a long time easy to lead to gastric mucosa erosion, ulcers. And the gastrointestinal tract can not rest at night, dysfunction, constipation and other problems will come.

Increased risk of cancer.

Cancer cells are formed in the process of normal cell fission mutation, at night is the most vigorous period of cell division, sleep is not good, it is difficult for the human body to control the cells to mutate into cancer cells.

Induced cardiovascular disease.

People who stay up late are physically stressed and produce 50% more hormones during the day and night than people who normally go to bed early and get up early, producing too much epinephrine and norepinephrine. Causing blood vessels to constrict is 50% higher in people who go to bed and get up early than in people who go to bed early, leading to higher blood pressure. For their own patients with atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, etc., stay up all night to increase the burden of the heart, it is easy to have myocardial infarction and other accidents.

Vision problems.

Stay up late is equivalent to overload with the eye, in the light of a night of hard work, easy to make eye muscle fatigue, in the long run, will lead to visual loss. The person that a few stay up late still can appear ache, dry astringent, swollen wait for a problem, add resistance is low, still can induce conjunctivitis, keratitis, eyeground macular edema wait for an eye disease. Overuse of the eye can also cause poor blood circulation around the eye, causing dark circles, bags of the eye or white eyeballs covered with blood.

Can lead to insomnia and depression.

This is because people’s sympathetic nerve is generally night rest during the day excited, stay up late when sympathetic nerve stay excited at night, long-term stay up late will lead to sleep disorders, or even neurasthenia and other problems, but also increase the risk of suffering from depression.

Business person working overtime with neck pain

Stay up late and pay attention to your diet

There is no doubt that circadian rhythms have a negative impact on the physiological function and metabolism of the human body. According to medical experts, staying up late can lead to human body clock disorders, resulting in poor appetite, low immunity and other conditions. But if you have to stay up late at work, what reasonable dietary adjustments can you make to minimize the harm of staying up late?

Ensure adequate calorie intake.

The most important thing in a healthy diet is to ensure the supply of calories, the total calories must be able to meet the energy consumption of the body. The average adult needs 2400 kilocalories a day, the average worker (male, weighing about 65 kilograms) needs about 3000 kilocalories, and manual workers such as steelworkers (male, male) need about 3000 kilocalories of calories a day. Weight of about 65 kg) will require 3600 kilocalories of heat energy per day. For those special night shift workers, in addition to the normal three meals in the morning, afternoon and evening, but also need to add a supper, and pay attention to increase the quality of protein, such as lean meat, eggs, fish, beans and so on.

Eat plenty of vitamin-rich foods.

People who often stay up late are prone to fatigue, and vitamin A can improve the eye’s ability to adapt to dim light. So night shift workers to supplement vitamin A, animal liver, egg yolk, milk containing vitamin A more. Broccoli, carrots, spinach, tile vegetables, lettuce, rapeseed, Dutch beans, mango, stalks, batches carrot home content is high, carotene can be converted into the body needs of vitamin A. Night shift workers also need an adequate dose of vitamin C.

If the human body is short of vitamin C, there will be reduced resistance, fatigue, emotional irritability, gingival bleeding, weight loss and other symptoms. Vitamin C mainly exists in fresh fruits and vegetables, such as chili, chrysanthemum, bean, spinach, potato, leek, etc. Fruits with more vitamin C are jujube, mandarin, lemon and so on.

Increase protein intake.

Staying up late increases labor intensity and energy consumption, so it is necessary to increase the intake of protein. Protein is the composition of many important physiological active substances in the body, involved in the regulation of physiological functions, and is one of the energy sources of the human body. Animal protein is a high-quality protein, because animal protein contains a variety of amino acids essential to human body, adequate protein can not only ensure human health, but also improve work efficiency. So often stay up late to eat more lean meat, eggs, fish, shrimp, beans and other protein-rich food.

Don’t eat too many sweets.

Some people think that staying up late consumes more energy, so it’s wrong to eat sweets to replenish your energy. Because high sugar food although contain more heat, can let a person excited at the beginning, but want to consume vitamin B group actually, make a person tired easily instead, also make a person easy to put on weight at the same time. So people who stay up late should not supplement their energy by eating sweets.

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