What are the incurable diseases in the world at present? Why can’t it be treated?

In fact, there are many diseases once the disease is not cured moxibustion, and will lead to death.

What are the incurable diseases in the world at present? Why can’t it be treated?

But here are a few of our more common! Otherwise, that’s all there is to say.

First: Diabetes

Diabetes is relatively common in our current incurable disease. The official explanation is that diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia.Hyperglycemia is due to insulin secretion defects or their biological effects impaired, or both.

The etiology has hereditary aspect, also has the environmental factor, mainly displays the junior high school biology to carry on the back: drink more, more urine, eat more and thin, abbreviation “three more One less”.

At present, there is no cure for diabetes, only through a variety of therapeutic means to control.Although diabetes can not be cured at current medical levels, it is possible to effectively control and prolong the patient’s lifespan, especially in the 1921, when insulin begins to be used in clinical trials, with a sharp reduction in diabetic coma and infection-related deaths, significantly prolonging the lifespan of diabetics.

Second: Aids

I believe that we have a greater familiarity with AIDS than diabetes, but also to talk about the color of an infectious disease. As a cause of AIDS infectious and incurable these two points, AIDS is covered with a heavy haze, aggravating the people’s fear;

Another part of the reason is that we all know that the transmission of AIDS mainly has three kinds: mother-to-child transmission, blood transmission, sexual transmission, and sexually transmitted as the main form; once someone got AIDS, it was like being beaten with a label that could not be spoken.

AIDS is a very dangerous infectious disease, caused by the HIV virus (HIV). HIV is a virus that can attack the human immune system. It is the most important cd4t lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main target, a large number of damage to the cell, so that the human body loss of immune function. Therefore, the human body is susceptible to all kinds of diseases, and can be malignant tumors, the fatality rate is high. HIV in the human body in the incubation period of average 8-9 years, suffering from AIDS before, with no symptoms of life and work for many years.

There are about 42 million people living with AIDS in the world, and South Africa occupies 10% of them. And the world has more than 500,000 people infected with AIDS.

Why can’t aids be cured?

It is because there is no cure for AIDS, the current treatment program can only be the maximum and lasting reduction of viral load, access to immune function reconstruction and maintenance of immune function. But the future is not hopeless, the was heard yesterday, “Gene editor”, presumably means that the gene can be compiled by the sequencing, to achieve a significant increase in crop yields, of course, can also use this way to eliminate viruses, diseases and so on.

Third: Leukemia

Leukemia bring Me the impact is definitely beyond the top two, because the primary school was heard that other classes have leukemia, a few months later left. Again to high school there are intermittent such news, said not afraid, I do not believe. Why is it that people’s lives are so fragile? God has given us so much precision in the body, the brain, the immune system, why create all kinds of diseases that cannot be countered at present?

Leukemia is a kind of hematopoietic stem cell malignant cloning disease.

It may be said that leukemia is now curable with medicine and is also associated with medical technology. I admit I do, and I know it can be done through stem cell transplants.

But the cost of this treatment is not an ordinary family can afford, from this level, the disease is not incurable, but you for a variety of reasons can not be treated.

Four: Rabies

In advance, rabies itself is very difficult. So there will be so many people know that rabies terror is still happy to have a dog.

Rabies is caused by a rabid dog virus, and people are generally ill bitten by sick animals.

Also need to say that rabies is the world’s highest mortality rate of all diseases, the manic incubation period is generally 1-3 months, once the onset, the death rate of 100%.

It is said that there was a girl in 1971, has been cured, she is used to completely inhibit the brain, (because rabies virus damage to the brain neurons, patients with sound and light stimulation, systemic muscle spasm, laryngeal spasm, leading to suffocation death), the brain is suppressed after the equivalent of living dead, the whole body is completely unresponsive, In this period, the patient to maintain basic life needs of oxygen, nutrition, all depends on the ventilator, parenteral nutrition, the price is very high.

The above is our more common incurable disease.

Although the medical level of these diseases can not be overcome at present, but there are still a lot of practitioners in the ongoing efforts to give them a little praise.

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