Vietnamese women unknowingly infected with measles: 215 people in Taiwan

Another new case of measles was imported from abroad. The CDC announced yesterday that a Vietnamese woman in her 30s came to Taiwan with a group to travel to Taiwan. As a result of joint pain and rash in succession, the hospital originally reported suspected rubella, but was diagnosed with measles after testing. As a result of her coming to Taiwan to stay on the ground, 215 contacts have been tracked.


Following the recent return of a 30-year-old male from the north to Bangkok, Thailand, infected with measles, the deputy director of the CDC, Zhuang Renxiang, said that the new case of measles imported from abroad was a Vietnamese woman in her 30s, who had a fever and sore throat on 16 May. However, 18 still came to Taiwan with a tour group, because of joint pain, rash, 21 evening, because of joint pain, the hospital originally reported 22 suspected rubella, but after testing confirmed as infected with measles virus.

Although the case returned to Vietnam with a tour group on the 22nd, measles was contagious four days before and after the rash. At present, the health unit has had contact with a total of 215 people, including group passengers and passengers with seats adjacent to those on JetJet round trip flights. Those who have not found any suspected symptoms will continue to be monitored until June 12.

Mr Chuang stressed that 11 contacts had been vaccinated, all of them from Peach Machine and Vietnam, and that the CDC had also notified Vietnam at the same time. Although the probability of causing the secondary wave infection is not very high, because the Vietnamese woman came to Taiwan to visit Taiwan, she entered the Kaohsiung International Airport during the infectious period, and then went to the Liuhe Night Market, Foguang Mountain, Sun Moon Lake, Fengjia Night Market, and Chungcheng Memorial Hall, and so on. From the first Terminal of Taoyuan International Airport, we traveled almost all over the western half of Taiwan to remind people that if they had a history of possible contact, they should manage their own health for 18 days. If they had suspected symptoms, they should wear a mask to see a doctor as soon as possible and inform the history of contact.

A total of 26 measles cases have been reported in Taiwan so far this year, including 17 cases of internal infection in Taiwan and 9 cases of emigration.

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