How to fight Aging: eat two more colors of Food, and nuts

The old man often blood deficiency, spleen deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency, coupled with liver and kidney function decline, often appear old haggard. At this time, appropriate adjustment of diet, can help the elderly in better condition, better complexion.

How to fight Aging: eat two more colors of Food, and nuts

Eat more black, such as black beans, black sesame. Black bean tonifying the kidney is a good source of antioxidants. Black bean is rich in anthocyanin and vitamin E, black sesame is also rich in natural vitamin E, its high content of plant food. Vitamin E is a good antioxidant, can clear free radicals in the body, reduce skin wrinkles, appropriate supplementation, can promote blood circulation in the skin, increase skin elasticity, skin moisturizing beauty. Will black beans, black rice porridge or grinding into soybean milk, once a day, will have a significant effect.

Eat more white, such as white fungus, white radish. White fungus that is Tremella, rich in natural plant gum, can effectively regulate the female body, nourish the skin, so that the skin re-luster. Tremella can be boiled into sugar Tremella soup: take Tremella 10 grams, 30 grams of ice sugar, Tremella washed bubble hair, and ice sugar together in a casserole, add water to boil into soup. White radish is rich in vitamin C, can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, prevent fat oxidation, prevent lipofuscin deposition, the formation of spots. Chinese medicine believes that radish can “benefit the five Zang, make people clean muscle.” White radish can be stewed, such as crucian carp soup, can also be stewed meat, such as beef stew.

Eat more nuts. Nuts have the effect of tonifying liver and kidney and nourishing essence and blood. Eating walnuts pine nuts hazelnuts peanuts and other nuts can prevent excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids effectively prevent the deposition of brown pigment in the skin and prevent the appearance of brown markings and plaques on the face. It can also promote cell division, regeneration, delay cell aging and restore skin elasticity. Nuts are hard, can promote masticatory muscle movement, indirectly make facial muscles get exercise, increase skin elasticity. The recommended daily intake of nuts should not exceed 30 grams.

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