Does yoga strain your body?

Nowadays, yoga has become a fashion, and many women like to practice yoga in their spare time. However, all sports should be “measured”, otherwise it will only result in a pain, the loss outweighs the gain.

Does yoga strain your body?

Yoga injury, which hurt the most? Joints, spine, ligaments, a lot of them. Excessive yoga practice can lead to injuries, and in some cases even severe ligament breakage.

In yoga, there are many asanas that require the spine to be bent backwards. If oneself cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebrae is not good person, do not blindly practice. These asanas may cause excessive compression of vertebrae and intervertebral disc, resulting in injury and aging of intervertebral disc and spine. Earlier, there had been news of paralysis caused by women practicing yoga. I thought yoga could improve my cervical vertebrae, but I didn’t expect to be paralyzed in the end. Such extremes are rare, but they can happen and must be watched out.

“when a female patient was stretched, she was pressed on her leg by a coach and she heard her knee” click “,” she said. “it was very painful for a moment. When the patient went to the doctor, the ligaments on the lateral side of the knee joint were broken. Each person’s body structure is different, not all of them can do the difficult movements in yoga.

“to feel pain, that is an alarm, to remind you that you have reached your limit and can no longer be forced to do so. “Yang Xingguang made more than one appeal in the media.

Whether it is yoga injury, or any kind of sports injury, most of them are related to “bravado”. Fitness, the goal is to strengthen the body, not “beyond the limit.”

Everyone has their own limits. In yoga, for example, some people are “gifted”, that is, looser joints and looser ligaments than most people, which naturally makes it easier to perform some of the more difficult exercises in yoga. But most people, do not have such “talent”, and do not have the habit of sports, can not be achieved overnight.

In yoga practice, you can imitate the movements of the instructor, but do not force. For example, when doing a stretch, feel pain, that is, the limit of the body, the day can no longer force stretching. Follow, can step by step, gradually close to the perfect action. But it’s normal if you can’t be perfect all the time. Find your limits. Just keep them. Don’t push through them.

“there are some coaches in the gym who are not themselves professional and force their students to stretch. There must be something wrong with that. “Yoga clubs on the market are a mix of good and bad, and there is currently no formal association to regulate them and give guidance. As a result, the masses are lost in practice and follow the instructions of their coaches. Coach, it’s safer. But what if the coach himself isn’t reliable?

In fact, even in India, the birthplace of yoga, it is the same “the Lord is right, the Grandma is right”. All schools of thought have their own theories, and laymen are confused. For mass fitness, gradual yoga practice is indeed good for health, but pay attention to the appropriate, can not reluctantly.

It is important to note that yoga seems “tranquil”, but it also needs to be warmed up. The body is more vulnerable to injury when it is not active. Warming up is mainly for the purpose of flexing joints, awakening the motor nerves of the body, and warming up the body. Neglecting to warm up can hurt you while practicing yoga.

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