The “white strip thing” that is squeezed on nose, how come?

Acne on the face is a very annoying thing, not only affect the beauty, sometimes also a little pain. Many people can not help but to squeeze acne, find out that there are white stripes out, let us understand what this is in the end it!

The “white strip thing” that is squeezed on nose, how come?

There are acne on the face out of the white stripes, generally speaking, it is mainly divided into the following categories:

First, the secretory substance of the fat gland.

The oil secreted by the skin is white and large, and it is easy to cause pores to clog up, mainly because of excessive consumption of spicy food or stay up late.

Second, skin abnormalities caused by mites.

Not paying attention to hygiene and infection with mites can cause skin itching redness, but also can squeeze out these white stripes, the tail will have white secretions, this is the acarids secreted objects.

Third, acne caused.

Hair follicle sebum chronic inflammation is mostly caused by skin metabolism, a long time, cumulative up to become a common blackhead, acne can be extruded white strip.

Fourth, fat granules.

In general, fat grains are long around the eye, basically because of improper use of skin care products, and fat deposition too much, leading to local proliferation.

In short, usually pay attention to hygiene, eat less spicy food, as much as possible stay up late, eat more fruits and vegetables can improve the state of the skin. If need, can go to the dermatology department of the hospital as early as possible to check to determine, the specific reason should be according to the disease to the selective medication treatment.

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