Should do myopia surgery after all? What’s the impact?

Today, more and more myopic people hope to use surgery, so that the heart of the window more vivid. However, ask the surrounding people, but a little afraid, it is said that after the operation can not be strenuous exercise, can not be easy to give birth, even to the toilet to be careful.

Is myopic surgery really as fabled so terrible? Is there a taboo crowd? What do you need to do before operation? And how to choose the operation. With the summer vacation approaching, there are many students in the ophthalmological hospital consulting myopia surgery related conditions.

Should do myopia surgery after all? What’s the impact?

Is myopia operation safe? 

“in the past, most of the people who came for myopic surgery were rigid people, such as civil servants and soldiers. Now, more and more people hope to improve the quality of life through myopia surgery, and the number of people who put into practice is also increasing year by year. Taking Taiyuan Eyre Eye Hospital as an example, more than 1000 myopic operations were performed in 2015, more than 2000 in 2016, and 4000 by 2017, Chen Peng said. 

“this shows that people are gradually recognizing these procedures, but, compared with the huge myopia population, there is still a large number of people have a misunderstanding of myopia surgery. “Chen Peng said that of the patients he attended, the most frequently asked questions were about complications, and some were even worried about blindness. In response, Chen Peng explains that there are risks to any surgery, and that a good eye operation depends on three factors: equipment, technology, and environment. In his opinion, the difference in the performance of the equipment directly determines the quality of the operation, and the experience of the surgeon is of decisive significance to the safety of the operation. Experienced doctors can deal with various complicated individual differences during the operation. It is difficult for an inexperienced doctor to ensure the safety of each patient’s operation. Therefore, there is no way to completely rule out the individual differences in the effect of surgery. However, patients in the decision to surgery, must choose the regular medical institutions. He said: at present, the fees for myopic surgery in the market are not uniform. Some organizations even claim that they can do it in two or three thousand. After in-depth understanding, you will find that the reason why it is cheap is because their equipment and technology were eliminated many years ago. Why would it be eliminated? Naturally, there are shortcomings in accuracy and safety. 

Chen Peng said that after 30 years of development from the onset of myopic surgery, the technology is constantly improving to minimize the risk of surgery. In terms of surgical methods alone, laser surgery and ICL crystal implantation are widely used in clinical practice after a series of scientific studies, such as animal experiments, blind eye experiments, volunteer experiments, etc., have achieved a safe and satisfactory effect. Only after obtaining the approval of the state health administration department, can it be popularized. “in some cases, the loss of vision or even blindness after the operation has been attributed to the operation. Strictly speaking, the operation itself will not cause blindness, should be caused by other fundus diseases, so we must go to regular medical institutions to do strict preoperative examination. 

Who can’t have myopia surgery?

Chen Peng cautions that myopic surgery is not something you can do just as much as you want, but must also meet a number of requirements. For those who do not meet the conditions of myopia laser surgery, the operation should be strictly prohibited. According to him, in Taiyuan Eyre ophthalmology clinic, about 20% of myopia every year because they do not meet the operating conditions, and was excluded from the surgery door.

Myopia surgery is only suitable for 18 to 50 years old, the myopia degree is relatively stable in the last two years. Severe amblyopia patients with poor corrected vision; keratoconus, glaucoma, rabbit eyes, severe dry eye and ocular active inflammation; scar constitution, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases.

Therefore, Chen Peng recommends that, if there are plans to have surgery, first of all, to the regular medical institutions to do a comprehensive examination to see if the operation conditions. In Taiyuan Eyre Eye Hospital, there are more than 20 myopia operations, which need two hours or so, which can eliminate the people who are not suitable for myopia operation from the source, and ensure the safety and accuracy of each myopia operation.

Myopia patients generally choose femtosecond, full femtosecond laser surgery and ICL crystal implantation. After the preoperative examination, the doctor will make the most suitable operation plan according to the eye condition, the patient may also according to the individual need comprehensive consideration. If the preoperative examination and corneal thickness are suitable, femtosecond or full femtosecond myopia can be selected. If the myopia degree is higher than 800 degrees or the cornea is too thin, ICL lens implantation is recommended. ICL is similar to a “miniature contact lens”, thinner than the hair, and ICL has a small incision, no need to cut the cornea, strong reversibility, can take out the lens at any time, and can treat the myopia more widely.

Chen Peng said that no matter what kind of surgery, should choose a regular, professional ophthalmic hospital, the price should not be the only factor to consider, suitable for their own is the best.

What degree can visual acuity recover after operation?

After surgery, Chen Peng said, patients’ uncorrected visual acuity was basically up to or close to that of pre-operative spectacles, and individuals were able to exceed even the best corrected visual acuity (BCVA). Under normal conditions, most operations on the second day of visual acuity can be quickly restored, the basic normal use of the eyes.

It is important to remind everyone that no matter which operation we choose, we still have myopia because the surgery can’t change the lengthening of the eye axis. Chen Peng reminds, after the operation, the long-term high intensity eye, may bring the myopia degree the occurrence and the development, therefore, after the surgery should not be too long time, too close distance uses the eye, if feels the eye fatigue, had better close eyes or overlooking. Within one month after the operation, 20-30 minutes after using the computer or mobile phone, rest 10-15 minutes, see 5 meters away, or close your eyes to rest, then use the computer or mobile phone for half an hour, so circulation. A month later, according to their respective circumstances, appropriate extension of the computer time, each computer for an hour, rest 10 minutes to see the distance, and then use the computer for an hour, rest for 10 minutes, so the cycle.

On the second day after operation, you can wash your hair and face after no abnormal eye examination. But still be careful not to allow dirty water or facial wash shampoo splash into the eyes. If there is a small amount of sewage splashing into the eye, do not worry, drip antibiotic eye drops can be.

Can you do strenuous exercise after operation? When it comes to exercise, says Chen Peng, a lot of people do it more easily after surgery. For example, many foreign professional basketball players, even Marines or astronauts, they can do such surgery. Now that you can go to war or go into space, go to the playground, let alone worry. However, it is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise, such as boxing, football, basketball and so on within 3 months after operation. It is best not to swim for half a year because the sanitary condition of swimming pool water or sea water can easily lead to eye infection. In addition, a large number of disinfectants in the pool water, easy to produce strong eye irritation.

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