How to floss the teeth properly, everyone should learn the skills!

Brushing alone removes only about 65% of the plaque, leaving 35% of the plaque hidden in the adjacent surfaces of the teeth (crevice, part of the gingival margin, and the dead corner caused by the uneven alignment of the teeth). Silently contribute to the cause of dental caries and periodontal disease.

This is why even after brushing teeth and then using dental floss can still pull out residue, can smell some smelly smell! As the most commonly recommended method for removing plaque on the adjacent surfaces, floss can effectively clean the position that the brush hair can not reach, and is suitable for most people.


No. This is a false demonstration…

The correct floss method should be as follows:

1.Pull the floss out of the dental floss box and pull a floss with an arm length (about 45 cm). Floss around the two hands of the index finger about the second phalanx, around two or three circles, so that floss can be fixed, do not wrap all floss on the index finger, will affect blood circulation.

How to floss the teeth properly, everyone should learn the skills!——Picture from: Dr hippopotamus

2.When floss is used to clean the front tooth area, the fingernails of the two fingers are taut with the thumb and the index finger of the other hand. The distance between them is about 1 cm. Place the floss at the junction of the gums and teeth. The forefinger is in the mouth, the thumb is outside the mouth, and the floss needs to be tight, forming a “C” shape, scraping the right and left sides of the upper and lower teeth.

How to floss the teeth properly, everyone should learn the skills!——Picture from: Dr hippopotamus

3.When cleaning the posterior tooth area, use the forefinger of both hands and straighten the fingers to reach the teeth of the posterior teeth. Two adjacent sides to the left and right of the upper and lower teeth. 

Most people use dental floss just to remove the food residue, but not to “scratch” the face of the action, the naked eye can not see the plaque is still piled in the teeth, cleaning effect greatly reduced.

How to floss the teeth properly, everyone should learn the skills!——Picture from: Dr hippopotamus

Floss stick and floss, how to choose?

It is recommended that floss with a single mouthful be easily used, because the floss on the dental floss is tight and straight, does not cover the entire side of the tooth, and has less clean area; and the floss itself is soft and can cover the side of the tooth. So the area of cleaning is larger.

So since it is used, of course, it is better to choose the dental floss that can clean the teeth!

Of course, if it is not convenient for your hands to floss, or if you can’t reach the innermost crevice, you can also choose it.

With dental floss every day, can you stretch your teeth?

Proper flossing does not widen the gap.

The tooth itself has a certain natural “movement”, which can be slightly moved back and forth to the left and right. Floss can be easily entered by using this “mobility”; floss itself will also deform and flatten, making it easier to pass through narrow gaps.

In addition, when using dental floss, do not exert too much, damage the gingiva to cause gum bleeding. If the floss is difficult to slip into the teeth, it may be due to the accumulation of dental stones, so the situation will be improved if the dentists are allowed to remove the dental stones.

Is the floss a quality problem or a dental problem?

If the floss is prone to wire drawing and there is always a problem with one of the teeth, it means that there is a stone in the tooth, or that the tooth has a dental caries problem. Or maybe there’s a problem with the dental caries filling, but you need to see the dentist anyway.(Hippo dentist)

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