Britain invests millions of pounds to develop AI Cancer Detection Technology

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced today that the British government will invest millions of pounds in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm technology, the Times and the Guardian reported. Comprehensive analysis of the national medical service system (NHS) of a large number of medical data for the early diagnosis of cancer and a variety of chronic diseases.

Britain invests millions of pounds to develop AI Cancer Detection Technology

Prime Minister May said the use of genetic information and medical records for early diagnosis of the disease was “critical to the prosperity of the country”. The plan is at the centre of the government’s “fourth Industrial Revolution” strategy. “achieving this goal will not only save thousands of lives, but will also spawn a whole new industry about AI in the field of health care, creating a large number of highly skilled scientific jobs,” she said. ”

At present, some computer programs that improve cognitive patterns by learning have been used to diagnose disease-to analyze and interpret scanned data. The use of computer algorithms to examine people’s DNA, lifestyle and medical records will hopefully lead to the diagnosis of serious diseases before the body shows symptoms. Sir Kumar, chief executive of the British Cancer Research Centre, said that if the number of late visits to four common cancers, prostate, lung, bowel and ovarian cancer, could be halved and treated in a timely manner, 22000 lives will be saved every year by 2033. “early detection and diagnosis will fundamentally change the outcome of cancer patients and save a lot of money for NHS. ”

Two years ago, the British government planned to include GP’s medical data in a national research database, but the GP’s objections prevented it from being implemented-on the grounds that patients were “ignorant” of how their data would be used. In response to previous failures, officials have decided that NHS patients will be able to opt out online from Friday to make their medical data unavailable for the study. The government has also set up ethics and innovation centres to monitor the use of data and says the exit will apply to all new data sharing.

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