Pregnant woman colds must not take medicine? Differentiating Drug Safety levels is key!

Pregnancy is a special stage in a woman’s life, many pregnant women have a minor illness in pregnancy on the face of a small pain, the same is true of colds. Many expectant mothers in order to preserve the health of the fetus during the cold, even if suffering from pain also do not want to take medicine, live up to the fight against the disease. So, pregnant woman colds how to treat? How should pregnant woman prevent cold again? 


People’s Health Network, the cold is in fact the body in the immune system or changes in the external environment, nasal cavity, throat and throat occurred acute inflammation. The common cold can be cured by its own resistance after a period of time. We often say that colds are divided into many types, generally speaking, the initial symptoms are more similar, such as nasal congestion, runny nose, pharynx itching and so on. But this is only the common symptoms of the common cold, if encountered a viral cold, because the virus is more toxic, its symptoms will be more serious, such as local edema, pain, congestion, even herpes and so on. 

Once pregnant woman gets a cold, do not need to take medicine completely in fact, should communicate with oneself attending doctor instead, the safety that divides medicaments discreetly. Liu Guoli, an expert in obstetrics at Peking University people’s Hospital, said the drugs used by pregnant women during pregnancy generally fall into five categories: a, B, C, D and X. Class A drugs are relatively safe, and after clinical observation, There are no cases where damage to the fetus is found. Class B drugs, which are of a relatively safe type, do not exclude the existence of potential adverse effects. Category D drugs are drugs with adverse effects. Try to avoid the use of this drug in the clinical during pregnancy, class X drugs are absolutely prohibited during pregnancy. 

Specific to different drugs, “Health” said, for pregnant women, with pseudoephedrine, caffeine and other cold drugs should be banned; if the use of antihistamines, the safer period is three months after pregnancy to two weeks before birth; Antiviral drugs have adverse effects on the fetus and should not be used by pregnant women. In order to avoid affecting the growth of the fetus, pregnant women should not take drugs that contain the following ingredients, including aspirin, diclofenac sodium, diphenhydramine, ibuprofen and dextromethorphan, the newspaper said. 

However, for pregnant women with cold, in addition to drug treatment, in daily life in the rest of the more important. According to the China Women’s Daily, pregnant women should rest as much as possible if they catch a cold, and commuters should rest at home to avoid tiredness and stress; adjust their diet appropriately, eat light food, and drink more warm water, soup, and porridge. Eat vitamin C rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, do not eat easily hot food, such as seeds, barbecue, so as not to aggravate the throat caused by colds. 

In addition, prevention is better than all, in women after pregnancy, should try to prevent colds, reduce the damage to themselves and the fetus. Nanfang Daily recommends that women should do the following three things during pregnancy: 

1. Enough sleep. Pregnant women should form good living habits, do not stay up late, to get up early and late, to maintain adequate sleep. 

2. A balanced diet. Pregnant women should not be partial to eat, do not eat junk food, eat more healthy and fresh food, drink warm water, do not eat cold food. 

3. More exercise. Pregnant women need to adhere to daily moderate exercise, maintain a strong body, improve their resistance.

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