Can Sleeping pills cure all insomnia? No way!

Many people have a lot of misunderstandings about sleeping pills. There are mainly the following:

Can Sleeping pills cure all insomnia? No way!

Myth 1:

think sleeping pills can cure all insomnia. In fact, only simple insomnia is suitable for sleeping pills. This type of insomnia is the primary insomnia, refers to the absence of other physical and mental illness caused by insomnia.

Myth 2:

you must be addicted to sleeping pills. Sleeping pills may indeed cause drug dependence, but most of them are caused by abuse. Some moderate and severe insomnia patients, must be through sleeping pills to effectively alleviate symptoms, generally taken in accordance with the doctor’s instructions, rarely dependent, but if the amount, such as the first day take 1 tablet, the next day take 2 tablets, the first day plus 3 tablets, You’re prone to dependency.

Myth 3:

do not need to adjust the dosage. No matter what kind of drug, the dosage needs to be adjusted according to the specific circumstances. Even with the same sleeping pill, different people have different tolerance. The general principle is to start with small doses and adjust according to the efficacy. After taking 1 month, if insomnia control is better, should follow the doctor’s advice to gradually reduce or stop.

Myth 4:

Long-term sleeping pills are better. According to the time of action, sleeping pills can be divided into three categories: short effect of 0.5 hours and 3 hours, medium effect of 6 hours and 8 hours) and long-term effect of 12 hours to 15 hours). Not everyone needs to take long-lasting sleeping pills.

Short-acting sleeping pills are suitable for patients with difficulty falling asleep, while medium-effect sleeping pills are suitable for patients who wake up while asleep. Long-term sleeping pills can relieve the symptoms that tend to wake up early. Among them, sleep apnea syndrome, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases patients should be careful to use.

Myth 5:

alcohol and tobacco do not affect the effect of sleeping pills. Tobacco can reduce the effect of sleeping pills, alcohol may increase its side effects, and even lead to poisoning.

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