Brushing teeth carefully to prevent colorectal cancer

Researchers at Harvard University’s Chen Zengxi School of Public Health and the Hadassah School of Stomatology at Hebrew University in Israel have found that bacteria that cause gingival bleeding enter the blood system and go through blood circulation to the gut. Which breeds cancer viruses or exacerbates existing tumors. Brushing your teeth twice a day can clear away bacteria and carcinogens, thus effectively preventing bowel cancer.


The entry of bacteria into the blood stimulates the immune system, causing inflammation and narrowing of the inner walls of the blood vessels, which can breed cancer viruses. Studies have shown that one of the major causes of bowel cancer is the Bacillus spp., which carries thousands of times more tumor cells than normal cells. The bacteria also exacerbate ulcerative colitis, which is linked to bowel cancer.

Medical staff confirmed the speculation by injecting the tail of the mice with Bacillus spp. The findings could help medical workers develop a new drug to treat bowel cancer.

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