A child’s leg pain doesn’t necessarily mean growth pain. Don’t delay treatment because of contempt

Many parents have experienced such scenes in the course of their children’s growth: the child has neither fallen, appearance is nothing unusual, but often cry out leg pain. Some parents think that leg pain is due to growth pain, in fact, this is only one of the causes of leg pain, other diseases may also lead to leg pain. 

A child’s leg pain doesn’t necessarily mean growth pain. Don’t delay treatment because of contempt

Let’s take a look at growth pain. According to Huaxi Metropolis Daily, growing pains are common among children aged 5 to 10 who are growing up. Children in the growth period if bone growth faster than muscle, will pull muscle and produce pain, this is the normal growth phenomenon, parents do not have to worry about. This growing pain is easy to identify, usually in the middle of the night, ankle, knee joint or anesthesia or pain, the degree of light and heavy, lasting a few nights will disappear, the next attack will continue a few nights after the disappearance. There is no swelling in the legs, no pain in the muscles of the legs, and no effect on walking. 

But in addition to growing pain, the following diseases can also cause leg pain: 

1. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). According to the “Xinmin Evening News” reported that JIA generally before the age of 16 years old, there will be 6 weeks or more of joint swelling, effusion; There are two or more of the following signs: limited movement, joint tenderness, joint movement pain, joint surface temperature increased, especially in children with early waking joint stiffness is more important to pay attention to the possibility of JIA, as early as possible to hospital. 

2. Rheumatic immune disease. In modern medicine, rheumatoid immune disease is a group of diseases that invade joints, bones, muscles, blood vessels and related soft tissues or connective tissues, according to the China Medical Journal. Most rheumatic immune diseases show joint swelling and pain, even joint swelling or limited movement. After children develop rheumatism, most parents will mistakenly think it is growth pain or synovitis and delay treatment. 

3. Bone cancer. Osteosarcoma often occurs around the knee joint, causing pain around the joints, especially at night, and is more common in teenagers aged 10-20, according to Xinmin Evening News.Parents and even some doctors are likely to mistake it for normal growth pain, or as a general sprain, arthritis, synovitis, etc., the result of the delay in the condition, missed the best treatment time. 

Growth pain usually does not last for a long time and can be alleviated by itself, but if the child has long pain or other complications, such as swelling of the joints, stiffness after the morning, parents need to be on guard whether it is bone cancer, arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases. Therefore, if the child can not be alleviated when the pain, parents had better take the child to the regular hospital to do professional examinations, so as not to delay the disease, delay treatment.

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